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I am not sure I'm doing this right... I want to post a request for a HW fan-fiction, is this the right way? Anyway, I am looking for a history where Wilson was homeless (?) and House takes him home and they live together for a while, then later Wilson tells him that he had divorced and was accused of stealing (?) by Vogler (W was an accountant I guess)... not really sure about the details, but this was the gist of it. Does it ring a bell? Thanks!
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(Reposting now that I know hw_reqs is in fact alive and well, and LJ just ... took it off my friends list somehow)

I am asking this because I want to make a rec list I can put on Tumblr, where there's currently a "WILSON LIVES, DAMMIT" post getting some attention, and I was foolish enough to say HEY, I KNOW LOTS OF GREAT FICS FOR THIS.

And I do know lots of great fics, or I did, but my memory is ...um. Not the best. Help me, LJ House/Wilson fandom; you're my only hope! Self-recs more than welcome.
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We're pleased to announce the the House "What-If" Rec List, where we share our favorite House, M.D. fics, 'verses, and authors in a genre we call "What-If." Stories range from wildly fantastical to essentially realistic, but all depart significantly from canon reality.

You’ll find a wide variety of fics in thematic categories such as After Death/Afterlife, Alternate Personal History, Alternate Time Period, Creatures/Mythical Beings, Crossover Elements, Magical Realism, Parallel Universe, Science Fiction, Transmogrification, and more.

With listings by title and indexes by author/artist, category, rec reason, word count and date, you’re sure to find something you like.

Thank you to all the authors and artists featured on our rec list for the wonderful contributions you've made to the House fandom – we hope our project inspires you and your muses to create even more.

We strongly encourage readers to use our Author & Artist Directory to learn more about these wonderful folks and leave them some much-appreciated feedback.

This project has been a labor of love for quite some time, and we're excited to finally make it public. Come visit old favorites and discover new gems to read. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

lit_luminary and resourceress7
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Feeling the need for great fanfic for your favorite pairing or genre?  Look no further!

At my journal, there is a huge collection of fan fiction made up of writers picking their favorite stories of the ones they wrote.  The first link is here, the second link is  here.  Tons of great writers, including [livejournal.com profile] menolly_au, [livejournal.com profile] taiga13, [livejournal.com profile] flywoman, [livejournal.com profile] deelaundry and dozens more!

Happy reading!
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I was wondering if there are any do over stories out there.  Some how House dies and he does sort of an Ebenezer Scrooge and sees what the world would have been like without him (hopefully worse) and gets a chance do it over.

Or even better in Season three, ep 8 Whac-a-mole, when Wilson is transferring his patients to other dr.'s and tells House to leave and later he drives by him on his bike- what if he wrecked?  And he got to start over, would he get to Wilson before he starts marrying all his wives and even better be less of an ass?

I definitely can't see him being completely different if given another chance since I believe Stacy had mentioned he'd always been that way even before the drugs, but what if he didn't get hooked this time? Would that make a difference?

Thanks for reading!

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This is not a house/wilson but they are friends.

This an au fic of where cameron is either a stripper/dancer/prostitute and meets house who wants to help. I think she is abused and is young.

Many thanks
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There are several great rec lists out there, but most of them seem to have stopped being updated around 2008 or so.

Does anyone know of any more recently and/or actively updated rec lists out there?

Thanks in advance.

List of rec lists behind the cut )
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This is a new H/W story written by someone named elliecrane over on Archive of Our Own called "Til Cancer Do Us Part."  It's the author's only House story, at least on AOOO.  I'm still crying!  I've never recommended anything before but more people need to read this one.

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For those who are lamenting a lack of H/W moments in season 8 to date, I want to point you toward a lovely fic just posted by Brighid45 on f/f.net. It's a friendship (pre-slash w/goggles) story, fluffy as your grandma's mashed potatoes, with just enough tartness to make it in-character.

'Tis a Gift to Be Free

PS - mods, I couldn't find a "rec" tag, but since this comm is supposed to be for recs as well as reqs, I'm assuming that it's okay to post here.
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I've come here to rec Enchanted Design by Jaryn.  It's got some supernatural elements, is a discovery/first time fic, and is just all around charming and delightful.  Recommending it since it doesn't seem to be rec'd often, if ever.  From the summary: "Someone puts a spell on House and Wilson."

Fic Lists?

Apr. 12th, 2011 06:20 pm
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When I first joined the H/W fandom I spent a lot of time searching for fics. Happily I was amazingly lucky and stumbled into great reads right from the beginning. Some of it was because people were kind enough to point me towards great recommendation lists.

Today I compiled my own rather short list. If you are interested at all, please check it out here.

If you know of any great lists or have one yourself (your own work or recommendations), I thought it might be helpful to place a link in the comments here so others can find them. Or even if you don't have a list to offer, I would love to know everyone's favorites overall, or any specific category favorites, or really anything you want to offer up to the H/W readership. :)

I fear without good fic it is going to be a very long House summer season (fingers crossed for a season 8).
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what are some of the links for rec lists off LJ? I have a new computer and don't have the links anymore. Especially looking for the squige link and places like that.

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Title: Report Cards
Author: brown_polyester
Rating: G
Summary: Glimpses into the lives of our intrepid doctors (and a few others) as middle/high school age students...
Disclaimer: I tried, but they told me that I had to pay off my student loans first.
Author Notes: This is sort of a fic in that it has words. So I wrote these a while ago, and I've just found them, glimpses into the lives of our intrepid doctors (and a few others) as middle/high school age students. I decided to post them as images instead of just text. They're supposed to look like report cards that would be sent home to parents/guardians. They each state what grade level the student is in, but I've added the average age range for those of you who aren't familiar with the American education system. (You're lucky if you aren't familiar with it; it sucks).

House and Wilson are at the end.

2 Fic recs

Nov. 15th, 2008 11:40 pm
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Normaly, I don't do fic recs. No reason realy, I'm jsut not the kind of person who recomends thigns to others w/o being asked.

But I have foudn a story far, far too good, too well done, not to share.


"Summary: Alternate Universe. Blue eyed males become a sought-after commodity in an all male society."

Warnings: Rape

Highlight for warnigns the give away the plot: MPreg. Normaly, I don't do MPreg, but i promiss, its a good, great, story.

Post-apoc fic, all the women are dead, and blue eyed men are showing mutations that can both save and doom mankind.

The story also has a WIP sequal, http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4621400/1/Riddled_With_Heaven
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I really, really think that those of you who enjoy House and Harry Potter should consider reading this story called House Potter.

A Quick Summary By the Author
Harry Potter & House MD crossover. Set in a modern day Hogwarts, when Dr. Wilson travels to England to seek an impossible cure, House tags along uninvited and finds himself wrapped up in magical illnesses, supernatural hurts and really annoying teenagers.

So. Why House Potter?
Really? Why not House Potter? It's structured a lot like an actual episode of House, and yet there is something distinctly "Harry Potter" about it. I mean, of course there is magic and Hogwarts, but the author really does an amazing job of incorporating the feel of both fandoms into one crazy story! Oh, and there's more Wilson than in your average episode of House! ;)

I've read the story quite a few times, and even though I know the ending by now, I'm still impressed by the amount of planning and thought that went into the case. It's so creative, you know? Of course you don't – you haven't read it yet! But you should!

Another thing I really love about House Potter is that all the characters are spot on. I laughed so hard at some points! It's just so sarcastic, and witty. Even those few original characters really manage to draw you in. By the end you care almost as much about them as you do House and Wilson!

Anyways, I'm sure I've babbled enough. Essentially, House Potter = Lots of Wilson. Witty. Sarcastic. Smart. Well-written. And so on, and on, and on.

Now, without further ado! House Potter!


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