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I am not sure I'm doing this right... I want to post a request for a HW fan-fiction, is this the right way? Anyway, I am looking for a history where Wilson was homeless (?) and House takes him home and they live together for a while, then later Wilson tells him that he had divorced and was accused of stealing (?) by Vogler (W was an accountant I guess)... not really sure about the details, but this was the gist of it. Does it ring a bell? Thanks!
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So a friend on Twitter is looking for a Housefic! This is what she remembers --

Been looking for a Hilson fic for months and months. First time fic. Opens with Wilson in his car at PPTH. Finds himself heading up to House's office. House in chair, back to door, Wilson observing him through the glass. House turns around; he's been crying. They go back to House's -- Wilson drives, House has his hand on Wilson's thigh the whole way. Pretty sure it's set after the "We're not friends" speech. Pretty sure I read it on LJ; might have been on Topaz_Eyes' list, but then again, might not.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

(edited to add a detail Twitter friend remembered)

STORY HAS BEEN FOUND. My Twitter friend found it herself while browsing through fics. Here it is -- More, by [livejournal.com profile] littlemissgg. :D
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Hello! I'm looking for a fic i read a while ago. It was posted on fanfiction.net i believe, and what i remember from it is that House and Wilson are a couple (I think) and House makes Chase take part in a project that turns him into a child and it's to see if it will help with House's leg pain.
(In it, kid-Chase cries about not getting a toy dog).
There is also a squeal to it where House takes part in the project when it was successful for Chase.
If anyone knows the link to this then I would be forever in your favour!
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I seem to remember there's been a new House fic posted in the last two weeks.  I've only been here occasionally.  Can someone point me to it?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] pwcorgigirl's DW account is locked.  Is her fic available anywhere else?
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Hi! I'm not sure I'm posting where I am supposed to but here it is: I read a fic not too long ago but I don't know how old was the fic. All I remember is that in the end of the fic either House or Wilson receive a gift: all the Calvin and Hobbes books or magazines. Please help me find it 'cause it drives me crazy :)
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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. House has a patient in this fic. And when he diagnoses his patient he fell sleep a lot. And every time he fell asleep he had a dream about wilson and his patient. In one of his dreams he kissed Wilson. He also wanted to find some hits in his dreams to help him diagnose his patient so he randomly picked a word in a random book. Surprisingly, it turned into lupus every time . And it's post-S3E16 Top Secret.
This is all that I can remember. Do these words make any sense to you guys? Thanks a lot!!!
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Hi there!

I'm trying to find a certain House fic. Unfortunately I don't remember much about although one scene has stuck with me for a long time.
In the middle of the story, Wilson gets taken hostage in the hospital(I don't think this was a Wilson centric fic though) abd the bad guy threatens to shoot people if he tries to call for help. They find an empty room and the guy makes(I think) Wilson take off his pants. I believe Wilson tries to fight/refuse and I think he gets punched or something like that and just as the guy manages to Wilson's pants off, House(?) comes to the rescue and knocks the creep of Wilson with his cane.

Also, I can't remember if this was slash or not...

Lol. I'm so sorry this is vague. I really hope someone recognizes this.
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I'm hoping someone still has a copy of this vid they could share with me - it was a House/Wilson vid set to the song "I Don't Believe You" by the Magnetic Fields. I remember it had a shot of House stacking his and Wilson's coffee cups on top of each other, perfectly in time with the music (I still think of this vid every time I get coffee for me and my co-worker :P)

I can't find it anywhere, I apparantly never downloaded it along with all my other favorite vids - does anyone have a copy anywhere? I would be so grateful, I would love to track this down, it was excellent!
Thanks so much!
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>Reverse chronological order
>Wilson rapes House
>House tries to remember by writing on his shirt with marker, but the ink is blurred the next day
>Wilson lets house fuck another woman out of guilt
>Wilson tries to forgive himself

Whoever finds it will have my eternal gratitude.
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Hello, my first post here, hope I'm doing it right. I am looking for fics where Wilson is crazily in love with House, feeling possessive and jealous... can I get some recommendations?
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Does anyone recall two related stories by the same author which involved House and Wilson jerking off to porn together?   In one of them, Wilson flees the scene afterwards.

There wasn't a definite order to the two fics, and nothing was really resolved. I believe it might've been posted on LJ.

Thanks for the help.
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Hi all!

It's my first post here - lovely to meet you all!

I'm hoping you can help me locate a House fic I read about four or five years ago and haven't been able to locate again. I'm pretty sure I read it on LJ. I'd be most grateful if any of you could direct me to this fic, please! :)

To the best of my recollection, there's this virus or other medical condition that's broken out among the population that turns those affected into wolves. Not werewolves, wolves. The transformation starts gradually, in that they're only turned into wolves for a short period of time, spending more and more time in wolf form each time the virus strikes.

Eventually, those affected are stuck and remain in wolf form for the rest of their lives. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but it's actually an incredibly moving fic.

Wilson spends his time worrying about House, whose leg is also weakened in wolf form, leaving him a low-ranking member of the pack. House if very sweet-natured in wolf form, much to Wilson's amusement, concern and confusion.

I'm pretty sure the fic is either strong in slashy/bromantic undertones or is outright slash (but not while House is in wolf form - this fic doesn't feature any bestiality!).

Thanks so much for all your help, everyone!
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Hi, all. So I've recently re-entered the House fandom for the first time in years, and my deplorable bookmarking skills during that time has now returned to whack me upside the head. I'm looking for two fics in particular that I'd appreciate any help with locating:

1. House composes a piano piece for Wilson. I don't think we ever actually know Wilson's reaction, either because he never finds out about it, or the fic doesn't include the scene.

2. Female outsider POV fic (one of Wilson's girlfriends?). House, Wilson, and the third female character having dinner together, and at some point, probably with some prodding from Wilson, House plays the piano for them (Moonlight Sonata?). During the discussion of what piece to play, House and Wilson have one of those silent conversations, which the third character observes and wonders about.

ETA: Located Fic 2! It's Piano Forte by Garrideb, in case anyone's interested. :)
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Hi everyone! I'm new here. But I've lurked and lurked. :)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could help me find this old House fanfic I liked (but can't find anymore) where the employees of PPTH go to a team building event and House and Wilson don't want to go so they get out of it by pretending to be a couple who are actually there for the couple's retreat (therapy?) that is being held at the same place?

I remember it wasn't actually slash (maybe pre-slash or, well, canon couple-y). It was nicely written and quite funny.

Any help would be appreciated! It's been driving me crazy.

Thank you!
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So there's this one AU where House and Wilson start dating immediately/almost immediately after they meet in New Orleans. Wilson ends up taking Stacy's place in the narrative (the medical decisions during the infarction, coming back with a new beau), and...I'm blanking on literally everything else.

Any ideas, lovely bloggers? It's been bugging me for the last week.
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I'm looking for a story that I read ages ago.

House is in an accident and dies (I think). Cuddy shows up and House is surprised it's not Wilson because he and Wilson were together. Cuddy says it's because he didn't have unfinished business with Wilson. Then I think they have goodbye sex or something.

Ii stopped reading there but the part I'm really interested in is a line when House is remembering the last time he saw Wilson. He'd called him out of his office and kisses him goodbye, deliberately mussing him so the patients would know something had happened. I think the line was something like "tidy Wilson disheveled by love" but probably not exactly that since Google's not finding it. Please help! I'm getting super frustrated by my inability to find it again. Thanks in advance!
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There were three fics, written years ago; I don't remember if the same author wrote all three of them, where they were posted, their titles, or who the author(s) was/were.  The central concept is that Earth is so overpopulated that half of the world's population must be culled.  The leaders have built a Machine to do this.  People go into the Machine in pairs: you can challenge someone to go into the Machine with you, or your opponent can be randomly selected.  The Machine somehow calculates which of the two is most worthy to live, and kills the other.  These three stories tell what happens when House, Wilson and Cuddy's turns come to face the Machine.  (If you haven't read these stories don't take the death/suicide tag as a spoiler, I put it there because by definition these stories are about death.)
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Looking for a specific story where Wilson has House's baby and they name him Joseiah (or something along those lines??). It's a pretty unknown mpreg story, and I can't find it anywhere - does anyone know if it is possible to find it?
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Over at [livejournal.com profile] house_wilson there is a discussion (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] agent_era) of Wilson and what possible superpowers he might possess in a fanfiction story (I really hope [livejournal.com profile] agent_era and other write these). But it got me thinking about a fic I had seen years ago where Wilson had a tail. It might actually have been an entire series, or at least more than one fic. In one story there was a family that came to the hospital to have their child's tail removed and Wilson tried to talk them out of it. In another (or maybe part of that same story) he reflected on growing up with a tail. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Fic Help!

Nov. 5th, 2013 09:52 pm
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I'm looking for a fic I read a few weeks ago over at Sick!Wilson. Anyways, it's and au fic of S.1 Kids where Wilson develops meningitis himself and collapse. He wakes up to find out that he is in House's office with a drip in his arm. It's a fairly short one-shot.

Ring any bells? 


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