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it was on here before but the post holding it had the comments deleted, i was wondering if anyone knew if the stories been deleted or has a link to it

I'm looking for a fantasy fiction where house is a dragon of some sort and so are a few people i think??? and so wilson but people dont know he's a white one (their rare or something along those lines) i've been looking for it for ages and its beginning to annoy me
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I've just noticed Magie-05's journal was deleted.
She is one of my favorite writers in this fandom.
I'm kicking myself fiercely for not saving her fics on my PC.

Does anyone know if she has her stories archived somewhere else?
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There are several great rec lists out there, but most of them seem to have stopped being updated around 2008 or so.

Does anyone know of any more recently and/or actively updated rec lists out there?

Thanks in advance.

List of rec lists behind the cut )
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I haven't finished the entirety of house yet, but I am by far ready to accept that House/Wilson is definitely head canon. So, I thought I would search for some fic and stumbled across this lovely place. Of course I have no idea where to start so, if people could please recommend the fics they think someone new to Hilson fic should read, I'd be very thankful. 
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I'd love for it to be slash H/W. I've read Evening of the Day by Nakanna Lee and now I'm hooked on the concept.
However, I'm having a difficult time finding more fic like this one. Long fic would be amazing, but I doubt that there are any.

Also another request is a H/W story with a lot of visual detail and them being as in character as possible. If you read any of Nakanna Lee's fics you'd know what I mean. It can be angsty or disturbing,(I don't squick easily, lol) but it has to have a happy or uplifting ending please.

Thanks in Advance ^.^
Also any holmes/watson crossovers. Those are fun.

But plz guys try to focus more on the first request. Hallucination!Amber

Season 7

Jan. 20th, 2012 08:30 pm
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I'm trying to find a post from a while ago that mentions the Wilson or House/Wilson scenes in season 7.

Does anyone know where it is?
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Hi, does anyone know what happened to Juliabohemia/californiaquail's stories? There are a couple still left on ff.net but others (like 'The ice is finally melting') I can't find at all. Does she have her stories archived somewhere or if not, does someone have them saved...maybe?
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I was just rereading some old-is-gold House fics, and I sorely miss euclase's fics :( does anyone have complete copies of her fics that you can upload/send? It would totally make my xmas :) 
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i'm sure most of you know the tumblr account "wilson is not a consolation prize", but for those of you who don't frequent it, please do.  it's an amazing collection of hilson gifs (as well as other fun shows).  i love it, so i thought i'd pass it on for your time wasting pleasure:  http://friendlymoose.tumblr.com/

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For those who are lamenting a lack of H/W moments in season 8 to date, I want to point you toward a lovely fic just posted by Brighid45 on f/f.net. It's a friendship (pre-slash w/goggles) story, fluffy as your grandma's mashed potatoes, with just enough tartness to make it in-character.

'Tis a Gift to Be Free

PS - mods, I couldn't find a "rec" tag, but since this comm is supposed to be for recs as well as reqs, I'm assuming that it's okay to post here.


Nov. 19th, 2011 04:54 pm
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I was wondering if anyone had any fics where House and Wilson get into an argument or a fight and in the middle of it kiss?

Also, can I please have an explanation why my recommendations in another post are being screened and when they will be un-screened? Thanks in advance.
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I'm looking for a fic that I found on Archive of Our Own that's (in a now AU) post-S7 where Wilson goes to the island that House is on and (I think) moves in with him. I remember Wilson telling House that people were saying he tried to kill Cuddy.

I don't remember much about the other fic except that it's older and Wilson says "I didn't really like kissing you," because of House's beard.

Are there any fics with ticklish House and/or Wilson?

Edit: I found the first one. Here's the link if anyone else wants to read it:http://archiveofourown.org/works/211669?show_comments=true#comments
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Hi there,
I'm new to the house fandom. Actually no, that's wrong. I've been a fan since day one but fell out of the fanfic loop around season two (and wasn't into slash at the time, only reading het - haha, how times have changed). Anyway, since I've been out of the loop for so long I was wondering if there are any classic/brilliant/gateway House/Wilson fics anyone can rec.
Anything really!

Thanks in advance!

Hero House

Sep. 26th, 2011 02:08 pm
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I'm looking for two kinds of stories:

1. Any fics where House acts like a hero, does something selfless, generally suprises people, makes people question their bad opinion of him, etc.

2. Any fics with Dr. Nolan from Mayfield.

House/Wilson slash or gen, no Huddy please.

Cheers, Tes
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I've come here to rec Enchanted Design by Jaryn.  It's got some supernatural elements, is a discovery/first time fic, and is just all around charming and delightful.  Recommending it since it doesn't seem to be rec'd often, if ever.  From the summary: "Someone puts a spell on House and Wilson."
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I am a new here, and I write fic on House MD too.
I have problems in postingstuff to the community 'Hilson: grabbing his cane', something always goes wrong.
So please, help meto sort it out, and where can i post the fics i write.
Thanks a lot!
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I remember reading a several part H/W Shipping Manifesto.  I'd like to have another look at it but have no idea where it is.  Is it still around?  If so, where can I find it?  Thanks!
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i've been looking for a vid on youtube where it started with wilson/house conversing with the following: Wilson: You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that? House: Yeah. And you’re the good guy. Wilson: At least I try. House: As long as you’re trying to be good, you can do whatever you want. Wilson: And as long as you’re not trying, you can say whatever you want. House: So between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world!
its generally a vid on their friendship with the song, 'a little bit of feel good' by jamie lidell. this vid always cheered me up and i need one right now since my hard drive crashed and took everything with it. thus, my search for vids that were lost. i found most except this one. any help will be appreciated. thank you ^_^

oh! another thing. i lost all my  collection of fics as well. i'm trying to find one taking place in season 4 after House electrocutes himself. Wilson injects House with this truth drug while he's knocked out. The original ducklings, Cuddy, and Wilson find out the reason House is the way he is. They all vow to do what they can to help House without him knowing. I know its incomplete but its one of the best fics i've read. i would really like to find this one again. if any of you have any other suggestions for fics that are like this, family type, in character, etc, let me know. i'd love to read them! i'd look myself but i spent a good 12hrs searching for other stuff and my eyeballs feel like they're being squeezed to death xD.

also, if any of you know any sites dedicated to screencaps of House episodes/behind the scenes, i'd appreciate that as well. it feels awful losing all my stuff. i had finally done some wallpapers and now they're gone. i dont want to be discouraged so i need me some good quality pics, and some fics and vids, lol, in order to get my inspiration going again. i hope i'm posting this right. this is my first time asking for help and this is the only site i found so far. if i did it incorrectly, point me in the right direction plz  ^_^
Again, thank you guys for your help!
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I have been looking all over YouTube for a very funny video.  The premise is that everyone is in love with House.  It's not  "Friday, I'm In Love"  and I'm not sure that H/W are the specific ship.  I should have favorited it when I had the chance!


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