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After the finale I remember there were several fics set well into the future where for some reason or another House was forced to come back, or someone went looking for him, etc. Usually it had to do with someone important being ill, and the current diagnostics team couldn't figure it out.

Anyway, I'd love to read something along those lines, where H&W settled in a post-cancer, post-PPTH life together are suddenly thrown back into their old world again. I'd like to see how everyone would deal with that. I know people were thinking of fics like that months ago, but I have no idea if anything ever came of it.

If you know any fics like these, please let me know.

Thanks in advance :)
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Giving up a plot bunny:

Wilson has epilepsy. Make short of my favorite a long detailed fic. Make slash or if you don't like slash then make it het.

Bonus: House knew about it for how ever long Wilsonmand House have known each other(20 yrs?) he did freak the first time though.

Bonus: the Ducklings are surprised, they freak out cuz they don't know what's wrong with him.
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Giving up a plot bunny: I have this great idea for a fic but I have no writing ability for fics. I mean like seriously suck at writing.

There are quite a lot of prompts I want to post so here is just one today:

1. House/Wilson crossover BtVS
Dru!Wilson, batshit crazy, visions and all. Either house is Angel(us) or Wilson finds him in some turn of the century (William) and Ouse's peers shun him because of his outrageous and heretic medical procedures and way of thinking, So turns him because he knows House will be great in the medical world or just whatever anon wants in the future. Years later now in the present time House is of course a doctor, maybe Cuddy is a Vampire too so she fakes his blood tests and BP test so no ones knows they're undead. When ever Wilson visits she gets nervous and so polite to him because its Dru!Wilson, and she isn't a Master vamp like House and Wilson. She just acts big and bad when the humans are around because she is the Dean of PPTH. Wilson is still crazy vision Dru but still has lucid moments and House/Wilson are still in love (Wilson loves him in his own crazy way). If anon wants to include Buffy characters (whoever anon wants in their parts) they can. If so, House and Wilson are "good vampires" even though Wilson sometimes gets too enthusiastic and sometimes accidentally kills his "dinner". He feels a little guilty because he tries in his own way to be good, what with House all soulful.

If anon goes with Angel(us)!House, he now has a soul, but Wilson still stayed with him, and calls him Daddy, which the Ducklings think is some kind of kink.

If anon goes with William/Spike!House, Wilson doesn't cheat on House like Dru did with whoever anon chooses to be Angel(us).

Dru is my favorite character and many prompts I've posted over the years in many diff fandoms were with my character of choice being like Dru, but none were ever filled. If someone's fills this, take your time, make it longish please. I will wait forever.
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Has anyone ever seen a fic where House invents something?  I can easily see him needing some particular instrument to diagnose someone or a particular medicine to cure a disease, and it doesn't exist, so he invents it.  But I don't recall ever seeing that in a fic, much less on the show.  If anyone else has I'd love to read it.  Thanks in advance!
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This is my first time posting.  I know that there are alot of gifted writers out there and  these are some stories I would like to see written. Perhaps someone out there has already written on these topics? If so please post links to them..thanks!

1. What happened after Wilson finds House on the steps? In that scene he is happy and amazed although clearly recognizes that House has done something with serious consequences. I've always felt that Wilson was hit much harder emotionally than what was shown in that brief conversation. What happened during the drive home to Wilson's apartment and in the few days afterward as they set up the road trip and the shock wore off? I'm sure Wilson was deeply affected by Houses's action and demonstration of his love for him, but wouldn't it increase his worry for him after he was gone ? Did it finally spur a serious discussion of their relationship (I mean, really, if someone gives up their whole life for you wouldn't you talk about it?) I just can't believe, no matter how happy he was, that Wilson would just say "Cool House! You fooled everyone, now we can roadtrip...". and then they go on the road...

2. What happens in that first week on the road? Does what House did impact Wilson's decision to refuse more treatment? The fire changed House and he did something he hadn't done before--acted selflessly for his friend. Wilson would be changed by House's actions also wouldn't he?. At very least wouldn't it get him rethinking about his decision to not try to fight his cancer now that he sees how deeply House cares about him? Wilson in the last scene, when he tries to tell House what to do when the cancer gets bad, looks both sad and uncertain to me. He is a little slow to smile back when House tells him "cancer is boring". Perhaps he's rethinking his not doing further chemo now that House is facing a bleak future too? It looks on the surface like he is still sticking with his decision but his death really isn't about himself anymore--it's resulted in a significant impact on someone he loves. And maybe Wilson now realizes that he really would like to stick around awhile longer? Has House, by sacrificing his life, not just freed himself to spend time with Wilson but also finally impacted Wilson's stubborn insistance to just do nothing?

3. What thoughts are going through House's mind as he is waiting on those steps for Wilson? Also, where was he and what was he doing in the days after his "death" and right before his funeral.

4. And one story idea from C Word--what on Earth did Wilson talk about, other than his fear of dolphins, when he was delirious? And why doesn't House want to talk about it?

Anyway, just some things I thought might make good stories...
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Does anyone know of a fic where House and Wilson are in a romantic yet asexual relationship?  I just saw "J Edgar" and after the last few episodes of House, I think there is something beautiful about their relationship as it is.  I love slash, but I'd like to read something with real emotional depth.  Any recs?  
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Hello, all.  There's a fic idea bugging me, but I haven't written in so long that I'd be sure to ramble and blather all over the place.

After seeing numerous episodes in which House orders tests, proposes diagnoses, and even sniffs out personal secrets seemingly from nowhere, it occurred to me: what if House actually was psychic in some way - say, was telepathic, or saw flashes of future events - and had developed keen observation skills from trying to find logical reasons that he would just "know" things?

(Other thoughts, which may or may not be useful:)
I also wondered what might happen if House had surrounded himself - knowingly or unknowingly - with a team who also had abilities of some kind.  Maybe Cameron has a never-failing moral compass, maybe Thirteen sees death (so already knew she was going to have Huntington's), maybe Kutner falls under everybody's radar (and hence was able to suicide without anyone seeing it coming).  Maybe none of them realise it.

Even more interesting might be if Wilson has empathy and a compulsion to give to others whatever they need.  If that were so, then around Wilson, House might feel less pain and be able to think more clearly.  And with House always in pain, Wilson would always be needed...

So, the whole idea might set up a dilemma: in a sense, House and Wilson would be literally made for each other, and also in danger of being completely codependent because of that.

I don't know if this idea is good, ridiculous, or both (goodiculous?), but if anyone wants to run with it, or any aspects of it, please do.  I'd like to read a fic like this, as long as it didn't veer in an X-Men sort of direction, but I can guarantee it'll suck if I'm the one writing. :)
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So this latest episode (Nobody's Fault) seems to confirm it: when Wilson's not around, horrible things happen. Are there fics that work with this theme? Maybe he's PPTH's guardian angel or a manipulative mastermind fixing things? Or maybe just a funny fic about someone who's put the two together and refuses to let Wilson leave?


Plot bunny

Dec. 25th, 2011 09:44 pm
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Recently I have been reading several deaf!wilson fics and listening to 'more than words' on repeat...then this popped in my head:

In which Wilson is deaf, recently in a relationship with House. House wants Wilson to know that he loves him everyday. Well since he could not simply say "I love you", House decided to find ways to show Wilson that he loves him everyday.

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OK, I had this conversation with a friend of mine discussing the existence of dark fics about characters that you wouldn't normally expect to be that dark. I mentioned Wilson to her and the fact that there are many dark!Wilson fics around etc etc.
She said the only way she could imagine Wilson harming/killing anyone in any way is if he was looking for a transplant organ for someone.
So, ever since she mentioned it I have this insane craving to read a story in which House needs liver transplant (or any other organ, doesn't matter) and for some reason Wilson has to go find him one on his own.
I...don't suppose there's anything like this around? Cause if there is, I'd like to read it asap.
If there isn't...........I'm hoping that someone out there might get inspired to write something...D:
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i just finished (re)reading the lovely "modest proposal" and "involuntary commitment" by ignazwisdom.  love it.  and it got me thinking about a sequel, or something similar.  does anyone know of any fics about a recently established h/w relationship and navigating the waters as a newly "out" couple?  or maybe it's a plot bunny, if anyone is interested.  i would think it would be in wilson's character (should any of this ever happen) to try and reach out to another gay couple (or someone other than the established characters) for companionship/belonging and it would be in house's character to balk and try to keep wilson all to himself.  it would make for an interesting relationship dynamic and maybe create some sweet and/or angsty moments.  anything out there like this?  or anyone interested in writing some newly established hilson love?  
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I don't know why, but Season 8 episode 2 made my brain buzz. I think I would like to see what House would do if he has to take Doogie Howser as a fellow or something like that. I do not know how Wilson would come into play, but he sure would! Probably worrying about how his hair compares to Doogie's. It can even be a pre-show fic if House and Howser met as kids or something. I have always feared writing House fanfiction. I love the show and fandom too much to attempt it. However, I would really like to see something like this thanks! Any type of fic will even horror but that wouldn't be as fun as something fluffy!
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Hello to House fans,

I'd like to read a fic
with such plot: House and Wilson work together and House just hires
Chase. Both older doctors fall for Chase, and the battle for him


I will be happy if someone
likes this idea and writes a fic. ;)

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Hello, I'm looking for a fic, involving House, Wilson and Amber, set in season 4 (no-ghost Amber). House is having an affair/relationship/sex with Amber (instead of Wilson), Wilson is interfering and trying to split them up.

I don't know if a fic like that ever exists. May be someone read something?
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Hi everybody. My not-so-secret dream is to read a reworking of (part of the plot of) Pride and Prejudice with House/Darcy, Wilson/Bingley, the two have been lovers all along, and the plot of marrying two sisters and settling near each other is just a comfortable excuse to carry out their very immoral and very pleasant relationship (maybe they could have a joint medical praxis, LOL).
I think the Darcy/House character similarity is particularly impressive, and has inspired at least [livejournal.com profile] readingrat and possibly more fanfic writers.
Do you know whether anyone has worked it the slash way?

Thanks for pointers!

To the mods: feel free to edit the tags if I mis-tagged this. 
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After watching this week's Criminal Minds, I really wanted to see a fic where Reid goes to see House for his headaches.  I'm posting here because I'd hoped a Hilson fan might have written such a fic.  Or, maybe I could let the plot bunny out here to hop his way over to a willing writer.  :-D  Thanks!

Plot Bunny

Nov. 2nd, 2010 06:12 pm
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Put under a cut, because it's kind of long )

This might actually be considered more of a list of events than a plot bunny....lol. Please let me know if anyone wants to write it!
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Is there a fic out there where House's jokes toward Cuddy about being a dominatrix actually run deeper than that and he finds solace in Wilson dominating him? (If not, would someone mind writing that? lol)
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1. Any post "Social Contract" (5.17) fics?

2. Any post "Locked In" (5.19) fics?

3. Any fics where House confesses his feelings for Wilson and Wilson thinks that House is off his rocker...but isn't? (Sorry if that makes no sense, rather early in the morning at the moment.)

Plot Bunny: It is Physical Fitness week at PPTH; everyone is required to participate in various activities and classes and is assigned a partner to ensure that the other attends said activities and classes. Wilson and House are paired up; various accidental brushes and touching ensues, pre-slash leading to eventual slash.

(And you can blame me getting bored in gym class for that)
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As I plow through THE STORY THAT WILL NOT DIE, I'd like to give my brain some downtime and write some goofy H/W short fics. Also because the fandom seems to be a tad slow and depressed and I want to have some fun.  The ideas themselves don't have to be outrageously goofy, I'll work with anything you give me.  But no character death.  No way to make that funny...well, I think I could...each story WILL have fluff or smut or both.

I tend to see them as an established couple, but I'm open to other ideas.  The only things I don't write are mpreg, violence, heavy duty bondage, domestic type violence.  I also think the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] christikat has cornered the market on animal!Wilson stories.  I can also make picspams.  Thanks so much in advance!!


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