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For some reason I don't know if it's appropriate to ask for this, so please tell me if not:
I'm looking for fics in which my favourite characters (In House: House himself (although for him this would be OOC), Wilson and Chase) are not very religious persons, are not even sure if God exists, but nevertheless hesitate to blaspheme, long sometimes for the comfort their childhood faith gave them and - at least in extreme situations - find themselves praying etc.
I don't know why I hardly ever find stories like this, not only in this fandom but also in Sherlock and Better Call Saul, two fandoms with main characters you can reasonably argue are not atheists.
If this is touching on a slightly taboo subject, please tell me.
So if you should know any stories fitting the description, I would be very happy for some links.
Thank you.
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Hello again!I was wondering if you lovely folks could point me to fic where Wilson takes care of House in some way ... just being concerned about him and sweet/protective, and House showing a little openness/vulnerability. Like fic where House is acting open and vulnerable and Wilson is really sweet and makes him feel calmed down and loved? Lol. Also, are there any (good) first person POV fic from House's viewpoint? Especially any comedic ones? I love when writers let House's sense of humor take center stage. Thanks! :D
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Hi! I'm new and come with greedy grubby grabby hands. :) If I've posted this improperly in any way please please let me know!

I'm looking for fic having to do with any of Wilson's marriages/wives. My ideal fic to read would have something to do with Wilson being in love with House while married and maybe Wilson's wife figuring this out. Bonus points if Wilson is not yet quite aware that he's in love with House or is in denial about it.

Or, if you know any fic relating to these things please send them my way:
-how House's relationship with Wilson affected Wilson's wives/marriages
-Wilson being in love with House and not realizing it right away
-or being in love with House and not doing anything because he thinks it's totally unrequited
- fic with Wilson having an emotional but not physical affair with House (this is canon though right? ;D)

Thanks guys!!
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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. House has a patient in this fic. And when he diagnoses his patient he fell sleep a lot. And every time he fell asleep he had a dream about wilson and his patient. In one of his dreams he kissed Wilson. He also wanted to find some hits in his dreams to help him diagnose his patient so he randomly picked a word in a random book. Surprisingly, it turned into lupus every time . And it's post-S3E16 Top Secret.
This is all that I can remember. Do these words make any sense to you guys? Thanks a lot!!!
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Hi, all. So I've recently re-entered the House fandom for the first time in years, and my deplorable bookmarking skills during that time has now returned to whack me upside the head. I'm looking for two fics in particular that I'd appreciate any help with locating:

1. House composes a piano piece for Wilson. I don't think we ever actually know Wilson's reaction, either because he never finds out about it, or the fic doesn't include the scene.

2. Female outsider POV fic (one of Wilson's girlfriends?). House, Wilson, and the third female character having dinner together, and at some point, probably with some prodding from Wilson, House plays the piano for them (Moonlight Sonata?). During the discussion of what piece to play, House and Wilson have one of those silent conversations, which the third character observes and wonders about.

ETA: Located Fic 2! It's Piano Forte by Garrideb, in case anyone's interested. :)
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Hi, all!

Would anyone know of fics in which House and Wilson have some kind of telepathic/empathic bond? It wouldwould also be okay if they were so close that they just naturally "mesh" w/o supernatural help.

Please, no excessive angst... Or at least, have a happy ending? Slash or not slash, doesn't matter as long as it's not PWP :-) .

Please, help a girl out?

I hope I didn't mess up w/ the tags ! Sorry :-[
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Looking for a specific story where Wilson has House's baby and they name him Joseiah (or something along those lines??). It's a pretty unknown mpreg story, and I can't find it anywhere - does anyone know if it is possible to find it?
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After the finale I remember there were several fics set well into the future where for some reason or another House was forced to come back, or someone went looking for him, etc. Usually it had to do with someone important being ill, and the current diagnostics team couldn't figure it out.

Anyway, I'd love to read something along those lines, where H&W settled in a post-cancer, post-PPTH life together are suddenly thrown back into their old world again. I'd like to see how everyone would deal with that. I know people were thinking of fics like that months ago, but I have no idea if anything ever came of it.

If you know any fics like these, please let me know.

Thanks in advance :)
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There's been mention over on [livejournal.com profile] rsl_daily that RSL auditioned for To Wong Foo back in the day, which got me to wondering ... Are there any fics that feature Wilson in drag? House-in-drag recs are welcome, too. :)

Thanks in advance.
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I've just noticed Magie-05's journal was deleted.
She is one of my favorite writers in this fandom.
I'm kicking myself fiercely for not saving her fics on my PC.

Does anyone know if she has her stories archived somewhere else?
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There are several great rec lists out there, but most of them seem to have stopped being updated around 2008 or so.

Does anyone know of any more recently and/or actively updated rec lists out there?

Thanks in advance.

List of rec lists behind the cut )
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Hi! I read two great fics yesterday about a jealous Cameron who wants Wilson gone so she can be with House. The fics were: Title: Spelled Milk by Author: gena and Title: Decameron by Author: nakannalee.

Are there anymore fics where Cameron does something and tries to get Wilson out of the way?

Please help.

Ps, I know my tags are probably wrong, I'm on my ipad and it won't let me scroll for tags.
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I should be grateful if you could post your favourite stories where anyone (especially people who are not!House) get(s) a bout of amnesia outside of the Amber car crash incident, temporarily or not.
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Hi! I'm new here and I just finished House and I really, really wanted some post-finale fics. I looked up and down but I couldn't find any recs or any good fics, so I maybe you guys could help me out. Nothing where Wilson dies because I'm still really sad.

Thank you.
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Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find House fics by My Confident Tomorrow. My friend tells me the stories are very good, but the author is no longer on fanfiction.net.

If they are gone from the internet, does anyone have copies they'd be willing to share?

Thank you all in advance!
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Specifically the ones recc'd here, but if anyone has any of her fics, I'd really love to read them.


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I'm new on this community, and I don't read House/Wilson fic since a long time so I'm looking for classic Hilson fic, and by "classic" I mean fic that every fan of House/wilson know, fics which had a lot of success, I hope you'll can help me.
(Sorry if I made mistakes, English is not my maternal language)
Thanks  :)
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Are their any fics out their where Cuddy is jealous of the House/Wilson relationship, friendship, or dynamic? Or where anybody else is jealous of them? Thanks in advance.
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I haven't finished the entirety of house yet, but I am by far ready to accept that House/Wilson is definitely head canon. So, I thought I would search for some fic and stumbled across this lovely place. Of course I have no idea where to start so, if people could please recommend the fics they think someone new to Hilson fic should read, I'd be very thankful. 
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The recent duo of fics where House and Wilson go to a fair or a greenmarket has hooked me.  Are there any other fics like that out there? Slash or gen are both fine.


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