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Hi again,

I'm also looking for fics in which House showing fear (and maybe his introspection during this) is a major part.
I just read the very good "The concept of fear" by milgarion and now I'm jonesing for more.

Thanks in advance once more :-)

Miss Heights
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The fic I'm looking for takes place some time after Wilson comes back after the Amber Situation. House is still unsure and worried that he'll cause Wilson to leave again. One night he borrows Wilson's car (I don't remember why), but on the way home a drunk driver swerves into his lane. House swerves himself to avoid getting hit, but he ends up on the other side of the road. The cars just start hitting him and piling up over his car until both car and House are pretty much crashed and mangled. Oh, and the airbag in Wilson's car didn't deploy.

House survives but he's in a bad shape. He's got a ton of broken bones and a very serious head injury. He ends up in the hospital (I think Cameron finds him in the ER). House keeps going in and out of conciousness and each time he apologises to Wilson for wrecking his car. He thinks that it will cause Wilson to leave again, and he panics. He apologises for detroying the car, for killing the car, and tries to give Wilson money to get a new car. He works himself up into such a state that his heart gets palpitations, but he calms down when Wilson talks to him and says he forgives him (I think).

In the ending scene, Wilson brings House a bowl of ice-cream, and Wilson asks House how it's like to be in an accident. House says something about 'realising that the universe has the power to crush you, and once in a while it does and there's nothing you can do to stop it'. House thinks Wilson will say 'Poor Amber', but Wilson just takes House's ice-cream bowl and says he'll bring House something more nutricious.

I'm sure it was on ff.net, but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know this fic?
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Hi all!

It's my first post here - lovely to meet you all!

I'm hoping you can help me locate a House fic I read about four or five years ago and haven't been able to locate again. I'm pretty sure I read it on LJ. I'd be most grateful if any of you could direct me to this fic, please! :)

To the best of my recollection, there's this virus or other medical condition that's broken out among the population that turns those affected into wolves. Not werewolves, wolves. The transformation starts gradually, in that they're only turned into wolves for a short period of time, spending more and more time in wolf form each time the virus strikes.

Eventually, those affected are stuck and remain in wolf form for the rest of their lives. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but it's actually an incredibly moving fic.

Wilson spends his time worrying about House, whose leg is also weakened in wolf form, leaving him a low-ranking member of the pack. House if very sweet-natured in wolf form, much to Wilson's amusement, concern and confusion.

I'm pretty sure the fic is either strong in slashy/bromantic undertones or is outright slash (but not while House is in wolf form - this fic doesn't feature any bestiality!).

Thanks so much for all your help, everyone!
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There were three fics, written years ago; I don't remember if the same author wrote all three of them, where they were posted, their titles, or who the author(s) was/were.  The central concept is that Earth is so overpopulated that half of the world's population must be culled.  The leaders have built a Machine to do this.  People go into the Machine in pairs: you can challenge someone to go into the Machine with you, or your opponent can be randomly selected.  The Machine somehow calculates which of the two is most worthy to live, and kills the other.  These three stories tell what happens when House, Wilson and Cuddy's turns come to face the Machine.  (If you haven't read these stories don't take the death/suicide tag as a spoiler, I put it there because by definition these stories are about death.)
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There's been mention over on [livejournal.com profile] rsl_daily that RSL auditioned for To Wong Foo back in the day, which got me to wondering ... Are there any fics that feature Wilson in drag? House-in-drag recs are welcome, too. :)

Thanks in advance.
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Hi -

I asked on my LJ for people's thoughts about House's reaction to losing Wilson without warning (i.e., not cancer). Does anyone know of any good fics that feature this? No post-season-finale, because House knew Wilson was dying. Something where the death is unexpected and how House reacts.

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Sorry, long-time lurker poking her head out from behind the Tags list...

There's a fic I read once and should've bookmarked; it's driving me crazy! I remember that someone kidnapped Wilson in a parking lot and set his car on fire so that everyone would think he was dead; he escaped somehow, and everyone thought he was homeless, and he hitchhiked back home.

As a side request, I'd like anything that's "friends to the end" between Wilson and House, like they have a special bond. I don't mind if it includes sex, but I usually skip over that part -- no offense, just a bit of a prude -- so it's good if that could be a minimal part of the story.

Thanks! You are all awesome! :-)
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House meets Wilson in college; he's a senior, Wilson a freshman. They have a relationship and seem happy. House is trying to decide where to go to Med School and decides to stay near Wilson as he thinks he's found a perfect partner.

Wilson inevitably screws it up by announcing that he's getting married because it's expected of him. The last thing I remember is House leaving Wilson asleep in bed, then House grabs a bag and a couple of other things and heads off to Michigan.


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**Slight SPOILERS for the last few episodes of S8**

Hey guys :)

After watching all the wonderful angst of the last few episodes, I would really like to read some fics where House goes into a self destructive spiral (excessive drinking, drugs etc, etc) to avoid dealing with what is happening to Wilson. It can either be cuz Wilson is already dead, or still alive and House not being able to handle watching him die.

It actually doesn't even have to be related to the season finale, as long as House goes on a crazy, angsty, binge to avoid dealing with Wilsons sickness/death/absence
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I'd love for it to be slash H/W. I've read Evening of the Day by Nakanna Lee and now I'm hooked on the concept.
However, I'm having a difficult time finding more fic like this one. Long fic would be amazing, but I doubt that there are any.

Also another request is a H/W story with a lot of visual detail and them being as in character as possible. If you read any of Nakanna Lee's fics you'd know what I mean. It can be angsty or disturbing,(I don't squick easily, lol) but it has to have a happy or uplifting ending please.

Thanks in Advance ^.^
Also any holmes/watson crossovers. Those are fun.

But plz guys try to focus more on the first request. Hallucination!Amber
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So this latest episode (Nobody's Fault) seems to confirm it: when Wilson's not around, horrible things happen. Are there fics that work with this theme? Maybe he's PPTH's guardian angel or a manipulative mastermind fixing things? Or maybe just a funny fic about someone who's put the two together and refuses to let Wilson leave?

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I basically remember everything but the title/author, which is why it's so hard for me to find again. House gets a head injury (I think his cane slips on an ice patch) and he basically becomes a five-year-old child. He has to relearn language but only accomplish "me" "no" and "Wilson" (which comes out "Wil-san," I remember Wilson thinking it was like a Japanese business man or something).

Wilson ends up taking care of House, but House being House, he doesn't want to live like that, so he convinces Wilson to kill him (I'm pretty sure he puts Vicodin in ice cream or something) by telling him "me no me, Wil-san"

I remember it being pretty long and horrendously depressing, but I never bookmarked it. Or perhaps I did and it's been deleted....I just need someone to at least tell me the title, it's been driving me crazy!

hot tub

Nov. 20th, 2011 12:47 am
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I'm hoping someone could help me find a fic.
Season 2ish, very angsty, and I think it has a bitter sweet ending.

House and Wilson had angry sex.
House thought Wilson just left but Wilson stayed and drew a bath for him.
House imagined himself sitting in a hot tub with Wilson and thought it would be very soothing.
But Wilson left. House felt abandoned.


Nov. 19th, 2011 04:54 pm
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I was wondering if anyone had any fics where House and Wilson get into an argument or a fight and in the middle of it kiss?

Also, can I please have an explanation why my recommendations in another post are being screened and when they will be un-screened? Thanks in advance.
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I remember reding this fic a while ago in which (somehow) Wilson kidnaps House as a child to protect him from his father's abuse. He's convinced that he can do a better job raising House, but as it turns out, that isn't exactly true. House is resentful of him, drops out of high school, abuses substances, etc. In particular, House misses his mother and knows that Wilson is not his father despite what he has been told since early childhood. I think this whole scenario was accomplished through some kind of magic... possibly courtesy of Wilson's clinic patient.

If anyone could find me a link, I'd be very grateful.
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Hi everyone,

I really would depend on a long fic where House is secretly in love with Wilson.

I'm also searching fics which House is very possessive and jealousy in.

Thank you so much in advance!
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lookin for some good H/W fics. Just three things...

1. Was wondering if anyone knew of any fics where wilson or house go blind?

2. Any vampire fics? ( it needs to be treated like a disease tho. like one of the guys has symptoms that sound like they are becoming a vamp.)

3. Any fics with Wilson in the closet and House is the one making the moves on him.
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I start reading this fantastic fic in Dreamwideth, but the link to the second part goes to a livejournal account that has restricted access, does anyone know where I can read this fic?

Here is the link to the first part:http://ticcyyy.dreamwidth.org/480650.html

*EDIT: Found links in comments.
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Hello everybody!

I sort of fell out with the fandom for the entirety of this season. I still watched the show but I stopped reading fanfic (pretty silly).
I want to read an old tearjerker that I loved. I went on fanfiction.net but it's been deleted. I was wondering if it might be on another fanfiction site? It was called "Walking Away", it was set after the season 5 opener "Dying Changes Everything". In it Wilson leaves and House comes down with cancer. He develops a bond with the other characters, especially Chase. He doesn't agree to have them call Wilson until he's at death's door.
Is this fic anywhere else? Please, I'd love to read it again!

Also, since I'm back in the fandom are there any H\W fics written within the last year and a half that you can recommend?

Also, are there any Hilson websites? Or just House fic in general?

Thank you!
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 Hey there, I'm looking for a specific fic, and I think it's safe to say that it's one from [livejournal.com profile] pgrabia 's hand.

Wilson is doing his clinic hours and treats a boy who's been beaten up by his dad because he caught him and his boyfriend making out or something. Wilson is deeply shocked because the boy nearly died (something with his spleen, I think) and is reminded of his own childhood, where he had a crush on his friend Aaron.
They were caught as well, and everything Wilson knows about it is that Aaron and his family moved away.
In reality, Aaron and his family moved away and Aaron was murdered by his father. 
House finds out all of this, and they go to Aaron's sister, I believe.
House and Wilson eventually end up in a relationship, if they weren't already in one.

Does anyone know the name of this fic? I'd like to read it again! :D

Thanks so much.


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