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Has anyone ever seen a fic where House invents something?  I can easily see him needing some particular instrument to diagnose someone or a particular medicine to cure a disease, and it doesn't exist, so he invents it.  But I don't recall ever seeing that in a fic, much less on the show.  If anyone else has I'd love to read it.  Thanks in advance!
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What's up, poppets? Anyway, I got all randomly nostalgic for season four so my first request is for House/Wilson (I prefer slash, but friendship is great, too) fics that take place during season four, or post-season four but pre-season five. Anything season fourish, as long as it's H/W-centric.

My second request doesn't necessarilly have to be season four, but I would like a fic (H/W-centric preferably, but it is not necessary) that heavily feature Cole. (Big Love/Black Mormon.) Whether he or his kid is House's patient, or he's just a main secondary character in a hilson fic . . . whichever.
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Are there any stories where House's reckless way of practicing medicine causes the death of either his patient or someone else's patient?  Say he steals operating room time from another doctor and that doctor's patient dies, or he orders a radical treatment on his own patient that proves fatal?;
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Are there (or could there please be) any stories where after meeting Wilson's brother House realizes that whatever is causing the brother's mental problems is curable? I'm thinking like the woman from "The Socratic Method." I don't actually care about the medicine to it, I'm more interested in a) Wilson's reaction to House wanting to experiment on his brother and b) how Wilson would react if it worked.
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Is there any story out there where Wilson has aplastic anaemia? I don't want death!fics but one where House has to figure out what's wrong and then Wilson gets a treatment.

That would be so cool...also other stories where Wilson has some sort of disease. I already read everything on Sick!Wilson.

Thanks a lot ^^
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I'm looking for very medically-based fics, or at least ones with lots of medical speak. Just read one a minute ago and was surprised to find I could understand it.

Thank you!
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Who wrote Lavender Foal?  When I deleted my journal I lost all my stories.  I have to leave for a few days so if anyone can find this story for me Thank You ahead.
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I've been told, that somewhere there is a fic, where relationship between House and Wilson is told by a patient. Not "told", to be precise, but "shown" from patient's pov, because the patient was kind of paralized and unable to speak (or dying?). She sees the interaction between these two, how they smile and talk to each other and thinks they're in love

Thanks in advance!
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So...I was watching my season one DVDs the other day with my mom, when she made the comment that Tritter needed to become inflicted with a disease that only House could diagnose.  Which got me thinking...that would make an awesome fic.  So of course I have to ask, are there any fics like this out there?  Where Tritter comes down with some mysterious disease and ends up as House's patient?  If so, I'd love to read it!

If not, I'd love for someone to write it.  Especially if it takes place either during or post season five.  I think it would be interesting for the new team to suggest him as a patient without knowing the history between Tritter and House.  I would love to see how House would react to having to treat him, I'm imaging something like treating Mark, but only worse in terms of not really wanting him to be diagnosed/cured.  I'd like to see Tritter's reaction to the new team, to House's continued vicodin use, to Wilson's continuation of that use.  I'm sure something could also be thrown in concerning Cuddy's baby and threats to her in that regard by Tritter.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw this out there.  Hope you guys can help me out!  :D
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Hey all,

I've got this friend that reads all kinds of Harry Potter slash AND is obsessed with House, but never thought to slash House/Wilson until I brought it up with her yesterday.  We agreed it was my job to rec her the very best fics to get her into fandom.  So can any of you help me find conversion!fics-- those fics that are so good they got you hooked on H/W?  What fic was your first?  What fic would you recommend MOST to a newbie?

Any and all help is appreciated.
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So the last request put me in the mood for fics with House interacting with former patients. Can anyone rec anything with former PotW's doing House a favor/standing up for House? It seems like there's quite a few (influential) people out there who owe House one, some of whom even came to like/respect him by the end of their ordeals. I'd especially love to see something happening during the Tritter arc. Or after House got shot.
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Are there any episode-specific fics about the Mirror Syndrome patient? Not the pregnant one, the guy who was mimicking people.
Thanks in advance.
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Hello, you lovely people! :)

Are there any fics in which House actually (of course, not openly) admires Wilson's skills as in medical competence? We all know about House's brilliance, but Wilson is just strongly underappreciated!

Can be some throw-away lines, gen, friendship, slash; doesn't matter.

Pretty please?

HELP! Is there really only one fic like that? :'U

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There's been quite a few fics out there where Wilson outright says he wishes House had died instead of Amber, or some variant thereof. I'd love to see a story where Wilson thinks that and actually gets his wish -- and realizes his mistake the hard way. Perhaps House dies after the DBS, but the DBS reveals something other than the amantadine, something fixable? It would probably have to have some magical or supernatural element, but maybe it could all be done as a hallucination instead. And, of course, for a happy ending it would have to be reversed once he's learned his lesson.
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I'm looking for Son of a Coma Guy fic... either House or Wilson or both with the (incredibly sexy) vegetative state guy.

Anybody? Please?!

Cookies, love and all that jazz.
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The other request made me think of one. Does anyone remember a case fic where a woman was sick and her parrot was missing? Thanks!

ETA: Found by Annalully
Onward Series; "Rewind" by Bettina Elvina
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I seem to be having difficulty finding a fic I read a while ago. I could've sworn I'd fav'd it, but alas, I checked my memories and can't seem to find it at all.

All I can really remember at the moment was that the Green Parrot bar had something to do with it - the bird there was instramental in House's current case, and he had taken Wilson with him to tell off the bartender. As they were leaving, someone came up to them, and (I can't remember who it was, but they knew her) to hide from her, House pulled Wilson over and kissed him. He pulls away after a second and asks if the woman's still there, and Wilson lies and says she is.

I'm pretty sure it was a chapter fic, but it could just as well be a long one-shot.
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Can anyone help me find this story? I don't positively remember whether it was H/W or gen; I think it was subtly H/W, with an established relationship that was only a background element to the story and not the main focus. I do remember that Wilson had a role, at least. I don't remember Chase having a role beyond general ducklingness, but for some reason I'm remembering it as Chasefic anyway, so I'm thinking maybe the author usually does Chasefic? Or shares a site with people who do? (Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] hw_reqs and [livejournal.com profile] house_chase)

The plot was basically "Maternity" writ large: Several clinic patients present with odd symptoms, convincing House there's a deadly new flu strain at large, but he can't get Cuddy to take it seriously until they have an epidemic on their hands. The CDC ends up taking over the hospital and quarantining everybody, but it's not apocalyfic and all ends well. (Well, at least for everybody we care about.)

While we're at it, can anyone recommend any other good House-as-infectious-disease-guy fics? That don't have depressing endings?

Found! Wow, that was quick. It's Shalott's "Pathogenesis and Intervention", and yes, it is H/W, more or less. Still love to have other infectious-disease recs, though.
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Hey you guys! I'm looking for ANY fic where Wilson becomes House's patient!!

Pretty desperate woman talking here!!!!!!!!!!! 0_________0
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I have a terrible feeling that I just missed a link for this, or it's a super-classic and everyone will hate me for not knowing it. But I've been trying to find this fic where House and Wilson run into either an ex-patient or a deceased patient's family member, and he pulls a gun on them. House tries convincing him to shoot himself so he won't harm them, and I think it worked. I'm pretty sure it happened in a parking garage, but I'm not positive...I just remember it being absolutely fantastic. It was one of the first fics I ever read.

Can anyone else help me out? I'd be so grateful!

[livejournal.com profile] nightdog_barks, you are awesome.


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