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it was on here before but the post holding it had the comments deleted, i was wondering if anyone knew if the stories been deleted or has a link to it

I'm looking for a fantasy fiction where house is a dragon of some sort and so are a few people i think??? and so wilson but people dont know he's a white one (their rare or something along those lines) i've been looking for it for ages and its beginning to annoy me
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Are there any slash House fics where House is maybe in Slytherin or any house? Wilson can be in any house.

I have been looking all week.

Please help.
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I'd love for it to be slash H/W. I've read Evening of the Day by Nakanna Lee and now I'm hooked on the concept.
However, I'm having a difficult time finding more fic like this one. Long fic would be amazing, but I doubt that there are any.

Also another request is a H/W story with a lot of visual detail and them being as in character as possible. If you read any of Nakanna Lee's fics you'd know what I mean. It can be angsty or disturbing,(I don't squick easily, lol) but it has to have a happy or uplifting ending please.

Thanks in Advance ^.^
Also any holmes/watson crossovers. Those are fun.

But plz guys try to focus more on the first request. Hallucination!Amber
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At Gallifrey One and Doris Egan answer to a question was House/Wilson in the Tardis.
Any House/Dr Who xovers out there??
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I don't know why, but Season 8 episode 2 made my brain buzz. I think I would like to see what House would do if he has to take Doogie Howser as a fellow or something like that. I do not know how Wilson would come into play, but he sure would! Probably worrying about how his hair compares to Doogie's. It can even be a pre-show fic if House and Howser met as kids or something. I have always feared writing House fanfiction. I love the show and fandom too much to attempt it. However, I would really like to see something like this thanks! Any type of fic will even horror but that wouldn't be as fun as something fluffy!
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Hi everybody. My not-so-secret dream is to read a reworking of (part of the plot of) Pride and Prejudice with House/Darcy, Wilson/Bingley, the two have been lovers all along, and the plot of marrying two sisters and settling near each other is just a comfortable excuse to carry out their very immoral and very pleasant relationship (maybe they could have a joint medical praxis, LOL).
I think the Darcy/House character similarity is particularly impressive, and has inspired at least [livejournal.com profile] readingrat and possibly more fanfic writers.
Do you know whether anyone has worked it the slash way?

Thanks for pointers!

To the mods: feel free to edit the tags if I mis-tagged this. 
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I'm kind of new... but I remember reading this fanfic where Wilson took a drink out of a bottle House had on his desk and it turned out to be from the Chinese Springs (based off of Ranma 1/2 I think?). I just remember that Wilson ends up promising himself not to date/sex with anybody in the female form, but ends up having sex with House anyways? Erm... I hope this helps?

Thanks for the help in advance!


Mar. 15th, 2011 08:09 pm
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 Hey there.

the req of [livejournal.com profile] frankincensy reminded me that there's a House/Wilson Saw-fic out there somewhere I forgot to save but would love to read again.
No idea what it's called, but the point is that House and Wilson get drugged, and wake up in a room they don't recognize. House is chained to something, Wilson's chained in a cage.
House has to figure out what Wilson has, and he tries things that almost kill him before finding out what it is. House also amputates his own leg, I think.

In the end they both are okay and stick together.

Thanks! :)

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After watching this week's Criminal Minds, I really wanted to see a fic where Reid goes to see House for his headaches.  I'm posting here because I'd hoped a Hilson fan might have written such a fic.  Or, maybe I could let the plot bunny out here to hop his way over to a willing writer.  :-D  Thanks!
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So has any one come across such a fic?   Would love to read a Sherlock/John House/Wilson
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A friend and I have been frantically searching the entire internet for House/Lightman slash. That is not a drabble. Or really bad. Anything will to, though hate!sex is very much appreciated. We would seriously love you forever. So we beg you on our knees, drop us a link, either to a fic or to somewhere we can find it? Thanks bunches!
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Hi All!

Ok. I just finished reading 'Dead Poets Society' by John Faina (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6479242/1/Dead_Poets_Society). Great story, totally recomend reading it.

Anyway. The authors notes said that Dead Poets Society has been done before. So I was wondering...

Has anybody writing any sort of House Wilson Swing Kids related fics?

If anybody knows of any I'd enjoy reading them.

Thanks so muchly.


Oct. 23rd, 2010 09:17 pm
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 I know this is a long shot...

Is there any crossover like House x Jurassic Park?

I'm totally addicted to both, so yeah. If there isn't, I have to write one myself. ^.^;

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I'm looking for a story that has House as a reaper, as someone who takes the soul of the dying to make their deaths painless. I don't remeber that much about it, but there's this one time when he forgets to take the the soul of a young girl because he was too busy with meeting Wilson, and the girl is in agony for hours. He doesn't forget again after that.
Wilson is still alive, but thinks that House truly died, and when House tries to contact him, Wilson thinks he's crazy? Or something :)
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Have we got any House crossovers with the new Sherlock BBC? Preferably something where John gets sick and Sherlock steals Wilson as a replacement, and is scathing and horrible to House's team?
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I'm looking for two specific stories, but I'd be delightedly surprised, and entirely grateful, if anyone could link me to fics of the same element.

The first one I'm looking for involves Stephen Colbert, his television persona rather than the actual man. It was a short story, but it was centered around his reaction to House and Wilson hooking up canonically.

The second also featured Colbert, but I believe that Wilson had knocked him up. I think it was a chapter story, but I could be wrong. I'm not completely sure if there was any House/Wilson in it, but I'm remembering it with such. In any case, I'd be much obliged to anyone who could link me to either stories, because I'm currently completely at a loss here.
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Hey. So, i was wondering, as lame as this is, are thre are House/Harold and Kumar crossovers out there? I mean, I'm sure it's pretty lacking so I'll take any genre or category really, but I'd prefer some slashiness (House/Wilson and Harold/Kumar, although I would take H/W and H/K friendship as well.)

Also, any crossovers with movies HL or RSL have been in?
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Looking for House/Dexter slash fiction, with or without Wilson. Any reqs?

Two Reqs

Apr. 17th, 2010 08:07 am
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I felt like spamming this comm today.

1)I'm looking for fics that are angsty but end with fluff. Fics that have darkness, depression, anger, just full-on ANGST but it ends happily.

2)Colour me lame, but House/Dead Poet Society crossovers. There was one in specific that I never finished but it was sorta like Wilson was Neil, or he had a very similar life that the author admittedly borrowed from Neil Perry in DPS. I would like that one, but ANY House/DPS crossovers are welcome!
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I've just reread [livejournal.com profile] starlingthefool's House/Dead Like Me crossover. Someone wrote a missing scene, I think when Wilson gets a body or something. Does anyone remember? Thank you.

Found by [livejournal.com profile] soophelia! It is [livejournal.com profile] sorion's Coming Alive.

And thank you to whoever added the tags. Sorry about forgetting.


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