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I am not sure I'm doing this right... I want to post a request for a HW fan-fiction, is this the right way? Anyway, I am looking for a history where Wilson was homeless (?) and House takes him home and they live together for a while, then later Wilson tells him that he had divorced and was accused of stealing (?) by Vogler (W was an accountant I guess)... not really sure about the details, but this was the gist of it. Does it ring a bell? Thanks!
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Any recs where H/W meet and first get together in New Orleans?
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Hey there!
Does anyone know if a fic about House and Wilson's first meeting in New Orleans exists? Thanks! :) <3
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So I just got done reading "How Not to be Boring" By Fourleggedfish http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4961329/1/ which is 40 chapters of greatness and am now wondering if you can recommend something similar.

I have read many many fanfics on LJ but mainly shorter ones. So I wanted to know if there are any other multi chapter epic ones like that? I like them to be House/Wilson slash (either established relationship or getting together) and I like it be in character (no AU's or crack fics.) Also, I love it if it includes a bit of saucy smut! ;-)

Any recommendations???
Cheers x
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I'm in the middle of a week long exam, and could use some HW to read when I allow myself breaks :) 

Anything containing fluff is good.
I really like fics where Wilson leaves his wife for House. Or where they knew each other beforehand. Or where they call each other petnames like 'baby', 'sweetheart' etc. 

Anything good will do really :) 
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So I got round to organizing all my Hilson fics, and realised I am seriously lacking in: 

1. Coming out stories - aka. stories where they come out as a couple.
2. Possessive!House or Possessive!Wilson stories. 
3. Mpreg - but I always feel like I'm lacking more of those, but I think I've read all there is to read in that category :(
4. Wedding Fics. 
5. Always looking for more Fluff :)
6. First Time and/or First Meeting fics. 
7. Meeting The Parents fics - meaning them meeting each other's parents as a couple :) 

Anyone who can recommend something? All must be House/Wilson slash of course :D
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 Hello!  I am just getting into this fandom, though I've watched House for years (REALLY just getting into, as in this is literally my first attempt to dive in).  I was wondering if you lovely people could help me out with some suggestions to get me started?  I'm looking for pre-slash, UST, or non-graphic first time to begin with (I'm going to at least try, before immersing myself in smut), and I don't really have any requirements other than them being of high quality, though my tags should give some indication as to what I think I may be interested in.  Just rec me your favorites!  I'm sure I'll enjoy.  Also, I'd appreciate any advice on places/authors I can get my hands on.  Thanks!  

Also, I'm not entirely sure if this sort of general request is allowed, or if I'm doing anything drastically wrong, so feel free to yell at me just let me know =)
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I was wondering if anyone knows any fics based around about the same time as Birthmarks.
1. Set before Birthmarks, and deals with Wilson having left
2. Set after/during Birthmarks, and deals with Wilson coming back.
3. Fics about their first meeting.

Thank you
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Hey all,

I am looking for h/w fics set when the wilson was in medical school (house would have been a resident?), or on a more AU timeline, where they are in school together. Preferably slash.

Any recommendations?
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Hi people!

Today I'm looking for stories of how House and Wilson met, based on the info we got on Birthmarks. Can be slashy or not, all cool with me.

The more stories there are, the merrier :)
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Greetings one and all.

Just read Tutelage by [livejournal.com profile] nakeno [livejournal.com profile] recrudescence and I'm looking for any others out there with jailbait!Wilson?
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Hey guys...

I'm looking for fics in Which House and Wilson meet as younger people... Teenagers, mid twenties or whatever.

I was also wondering whether you know stories in which the guys know each other or meet for the first time, but not as doctors.
Yep, I love first meetings :)

Slash, pre-slash and/or UST are prefered... Thanks a lot :)
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I'm looking for any fics in which House and Wilson don't have their canon relationship, but meet in a different way.  I'm looking for things like: Wilson is House's patient, and that's how they meet.
Either one or both are not doctors. 
They're both doctors, but aren't friends. 

Stuff like that.  Any recs?  Thank you!
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Hi! Haven't read House fic in ages (probably two years) and have a sudden urge. Figured this would make my job easier. :D

House/Wilson recs would obviously be welcomed but I would also take gen stories dealing with their friendship. You can rec me any of your favorites (since I haven't read fic in so long, I know I've missed a lot), but I'd specifically like to know if there are any fics out there that deal with House and Wilson's first meeting as described in 'Birthmarks'.

"This guy was a total stranger to you and you bailed him out?"
House: "It was a boring convention. Had to have somebody to drink with."
Wilson: "And that's the foundation of our entire friendship: if you hadn't been bored one weekend, it wouldn't even exist."
House: "Hey, there were three thousand people at that convention, and you're the one I thought wasn't boring; that says something."

Would love to see fics of that encounter and how their relationship developed afterward. Preferably long and plotty, maybe even spanning several years (I'm imagining a multi-chaptered story where every chapter covers a year; seeing them go from House and Wilson to House&Wilson). First time fics are great, but I would once again prefer if they didn't get it on at first sight -- if they developed a friendship first. (And if there isn't a fic like this...maybe someone would want to write it? >.> It wouldn't HAVE to be multi-chaptered, that's asking for too much, but. Man, anything even remotely like that -- even short snippets covering a few years after their first meeting -- would be epic.)

Also, this would be even more recent, but if there are any fics that mention the earlier House&Wilson days when House first told Wilson about the job at Princeton Plainsboro that would be great.

That moment was from 'The Social Contract', btw.
House (referring to Wilson's brother): "That's why you were so eager when I told you there was a job at Princeton. I thought it was my charm."

Any AU stories about House and Wilson's first meeting would be welcome as well, but I'd be extra pleased if there are any decent stories that deal with the shows canon on this subject. It hasn't been ALL that long since then, but I still hope someone stepped up to the plate and wrote it. Thanks!
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I know that I've been posting a lot here lately...but I have yet another request....

jail bait Wilson, anyone? 

think  Piano Man by Tashaelizabeth

any rating is good


Jan. 10th, 2009 07:30 pm
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Hi I'm new here and I have a request (obviously). My two favortie stories ever are Twenty Years of Stealing My Food by[livejournal.com profile] hwshipper and I Remember...Don't You? by[livejournal.com profile] wolfoflegends  and I was wondering if here were any other fics like them, where House and Wilson meet when either one or both were in med school and it shows their relationship over time. I'd prefer if they were relationship fics and not just friendship fics if there are any out there. Thanx
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Ahhh! I have been looking for a fic for WEEKS now.  It was about House and Wilson being in med school/college and I think it was there first time not sure. Well anyways Wilson is really rough when they have sex one night and when he kisses House Wilson says he tast like carrots and then is morning sex and Wilson slaps House so that Hosue will slap him back. Its like my favorite story of all times so if you know it link me up please????! And if it helps I read it on [Bad username or unknown identity: house_wilson. Thanks, SiD   ]
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Hey all,

I've got this friend that reads all kinds of Harry Potter slash AND is obsessed with House, but never thought to slash House/Wilson until I brought it up with her yesterday.  We agreed it was my job to rec her the very best fics to get her into fandom.  So can any of you help me find conversion!fics-- those fics that are so good they got you hooked on H/W?  What fic was your first?  What fic would you recommend MOST to a newbie?

Any and all help is appreciated.
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I was wondering if there is any fics where Wilson and House first meet *at the medical convention* and they become lovers?

I would love to read one of those.

If there isn't, is there anyone that wants to write one? lol
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I was wondering if there are any fics out there telling the story of how House and Wilson met, that mirrors the way Holmes and Watson did?  

A little help, just in case:

Holmes/Watson )


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