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Can I have some fics where House or Wilson dress up in funny outfits?  Cross-dressing is okay, but not the serious kind.  I want ones where one of them lost a bet, or were coerced into doing it.  Something fun, but not necessarily sex-centered, though that's okay, too.  I seem to recall one where Wilson dressed up as the Easter Bunny, and he and House had sex in a storage closet.

So, yeah, this is both a request and a fic search.  Thanks!
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I require fluffy fic in which House and Wilson kiss under mistletoe. Ideally first-time kisses, bonus if there's devious planning and setup by House (or possibly a devious Wilson) but anything that is nice will do.

I already have the drabble by [livejournal.com profile] simple__man as part of the '13 kisses' set, and [livejournal.com profile] bironic's ficlet in which House accosts everyone to enter the conference room.

Thanks! And no, I don't know why I have the totally out of season urge for mistletoe. I blame the two above.
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In the spirit of the holidays, are there any fics out there featuring a House/Wilson New Year's Eve kiss? Perhaps where a joke kiss leads to something more?
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Hi there!

I was rereading some stories that I really like and I remembered there was this one christmas one where house and wilson have a fight and house tells wilson it is over and later after s few weeks wilson has an accendent while helping some of his younger patients and you see that wilson was helping them put up christmas wishes (paper stars or something with a wish written on it) and you see that his was Forget

Anyways after he wakes up house goes to see him and Wilson doesn't remember ever being friends with him. He thinks house is just a collegue and hates him just as much as everyone else at the hospital.

Only problem is I can only find the first part of it. I know there is more in the story I read. I know that later on you find out wilson was pretending to forget house so that house could have a life without him. ( because he thought house hated him and would rather he didn't exist) I beleive the author was genagirl.
Either that or she worte a short story that was kind of like that.

So please if you know what I am talking about could you post a link to the WHOLE story!?!?!

Please and thank you! =D 
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Hello, hello!

I'm looking for fics in which House and Wilson are in an established relationship and go on holiday. I would prefer long and smutty fics but anything is fine really!

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I cannot for the LIFE of me remember the name of this story, and It is bugging the crap out of me.

I think it was on Fanfiction.net but am not 100% sure. One thing I do remember was that most of the chapters seemed to focus on holidays, and House dressed all in green and dyed his hair red on St Patricks Day to suprise Wilson. I don't think this story was finished last time I read it.

Can anyone help me?


Feb. 26th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Hi, I suddenly had a really strong craving for any fics where House and Wilson kiss under mistletoe.  It can be first-time or established relationship.

Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for a fic where House convinces Wilson to kiss him by his office door when Cameron walks by (so she can't kiss House under the mistletoe that she put over House's office door). As Wilson is kissing House, House was thinking 'for the first three seconds, he was thinking how shocked Cameron was going to be. For the next four seconds, he realized that Wilson was good at this, really good at this.'  

Found It: [livejournal.com profile] phinnia's Quanta: Eight House/Wilson first kisses (4/8).


Sep. 16th, 2008 01:32 am
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I have spent over an hour trying to find this fic and it's driving me crazy.

Wilson and Julie have a halloween party and House shows up dressed as a pimp and has some hooker with him playing his boy toy.

Anyone remember this fic?


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I am a House/Wilson shipper…I also LOVE angst… so here’s what I’m looking for.


#1-Wilson and House are sitting around having a good time and Wilson says something genuinely insensitive and hurts House’s feelings.

#2-Any fic you can think of where Wilson finds out about House’s childhood…
(doesn’t necessarily have to find out about any abuse…maybe a story which House just talks about moving around,his lack of friends, holidays growing up, or something)

#3-House plays a HUGE prank on Wilson (&/or vice versa) can be funny prank or just a seriously mean one…maybe followed by some consequences.


Your recommendations can be friendship or slash ANY rating...and it doesn’t have to have a happy ending.


I REALLY appreciate all your help.


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I'm looking for any fic where House is celebrating his birthday (or avoiding his birthday, if it comes to that). Sort of a birthday present to myself :) All the best!
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Hello everyone

I'm looking for a fic where house and wilson dress up as two of the characters from the book good omens for halloween. Love the book and would recommend it to anyone, I started reading it again over the weekend and I keep picturing House and Wilson.  Please help and thanks.
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Something for the holiday - does anyone have any recs for Thanksgiving fics (or even ones really focused on the fall / autumn season)? I've seen a few pop up on various House communities today, but I'm wondering about years gone by. There's an ocean between me and my family at the moment so anything festive will do me a world of good. Plus, I'm really missing turkey and pumpkin pie.
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It was House/Wilson in Hallowe'en costumes as Holmes and Watson and House had taken something and only later does Wilson discover (I think) it was morphine and House is stoned. That's all I remember, but I do think it was a short length.

I found a lovely fanart pic I want to share with the author of the piece, as it fits perfectly with the fic. 

Someone here knows the fic I mean, I'm sure.

Thanks in advance for the flood of replies I'll get.

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Okay. Last night my friend called and told me she was watching "Dead Poets Society", and I got all jealous and decided to watch a movie, so I grabbed the first DVD on the shelf and watched it.

I ended up watching It's a Wonderful Life

And I am now brought to ask this: House / It's a Wonderful Life? Y'know, any 'House sees what the hospital would be like without him' type things?

If not, it goes on my list of stories that must be written.
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Does anyone have recommendations for hurt/comfort fic?  Preferably with House being the hurt one (and Wilson comforting, obviously :)).  I've read the archives of [profile] sick_house, so any other suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
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I was just wondering if anyone had written a House/Wilson mothers day fic? Perhaps where Wilson takes House to meet his mother or vice versa? If anyone has written such - could someone point me in the direction of the fic? If not... well... someone will have to write it xD

jk - it's probably a stupid idea anyway, but I figured I'd ask and give it a try.

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i'm new to this whole fandom and com so please tell me if I do anything wrong

Right. I'm searching for a fic I read on FF.net it was about House and Santa having a fight every year and then there was house using a golf club and wilson was asking him how much vicodin he'd take and House replied Enough to taste colors or something like that and in the end House faced Santa and Santa said he' not going to give him a threesome with cuddy and wilson.

or something like that. And yeah house and wilson have sex but it's not directly described only mentioned in hints.

so rings any bells?

Please, I'm desperate... D:
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im looking for house/wilson ( no friendship fics please, slash only) where they visit their parents, either to tell them their together, or for a holiday. i really love coming-out fics, so much love for any links :)
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Hi, I'm looking for the fic where Wilson has been secretly tampering with House's medication for months and wanting House as well. Wlson takes advantage of a prescription renewal on April first to replace House's Vicodin with Viagra. Naughty Wilson.

Does this sound familiar to anybody?


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