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Hello again!I was wondering if you lovely folks could point me to fic where Wilson takes care of House in some way ... just being concerned about him and sweet/protective, and House showing a little openness/vulnerability. Like fic where House is acting open and vulnerable and Wilson is really sweet and makes him feel calmed down and loved? Lol. Also, are there any (good) first person POV fic from House's viewpoint? Especially any comedic ones? I love when writers let House's sense of humor take center stage. Thanks! :D
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hi everyone. i joined LJ to make this post. im looking for a fic that im not sure exists.. may have been a dream, but its worth a shot. in this fic, supposedly, wilson captures and holds house hostage. in his own home. for 3 days, i think, and then someone(cuddy) tries to get him out? um, something about orange juice as well? i tried searching for it but i dont think its an episode of the show, so its probably a fan fiction then.
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The fic I'm looking for takes place some time after Wilson comes back after the Amber Situation. House is still unsure and worried that he'll cause Wilson to leave again. One night he borrows Wilson's car (I don't remember why), but on the way home a drunk driver swerves into his lane. House swerves himself to avoid getting hit, but he ends up on the other side of the road. The cars just start hitting him and piling up over his car until both car and House are pretty much crashed and mangled. Oh, and the airbag in Wilson's car didn't deploy.

House survives but he's in a bad shape. He's got a ton of broken bones and a very serious head injury. He ends up in the hospital (I think Cameron finds him in the ER). House keeps going in and out of conciousness and each time he apologises to Wilson for wrecking his car. He thinks that it will cause Wilson to leave again, and he panics. He apologises for detroying the car, for killing the car, and tries to give Wilson money to get a new car. He works himself up into such a state that his heart gets palpitations, but he calms down when Wilson talks to him and says he forgives him (I think).

In the ending scene, Wilson brings House a bowl of ice-cream, and Wilson asks House how it's like to be in an accident. House says something about 'realising that the universe has the power to crush you, and once in a while it does and there's nothing you can do to stop it'. House thinks Wilson will say 'Poor Amber', but Wilson just takes House's ice-cream bowl and says he'll bring House something more nutricious.

I'm sure it was on ff.net, but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know this fic?
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Hi all!

It's my first post here - lovely to meet you all!

I'm hoping you can help me locate a House fic I read about four or five years ago and haven't been able to locate again. I'm pretty sure I read it on LJ. I'd be most grateful if any of you could direct me to this fic, please! :)

To the best of my recollection, there's this virus or other medical condition that's broken out among the population that turns those affected into wolves. Not werewolves, wolves. The transformation starts gradually, in that they're only turned into wolves for a short period of time, spending more and more time in wolf form each time the virus strikes.

Eventually, those affected are stuck and remain in wolf form for the rest of their lives. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but it's actually an incredibly moving fic.

Wilson spends his time worrying about House, whose leg is also weakened in wolf form, leaving him a low-ranking member of the pack. House if very sweet-natured in wolf form, much to Wilson's amusement, concern and confusion.

I'm pretty sure the fic is either strong in slashy/bromantic undertones or is outright slash (but not while House is in wolf form - this fic doesn't feature any bestiality!).

Thanks so much for all your help, everyone!
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I was wondering if there are any do over stories out there.  Some how House dies and he does sort of an Ebenezer Scrooge and sees what the world would have been like without him (hopefully worse) and gets a chance do it over.

Or even better in Season three, ep 8 Whac-a-mole, when Wilson is transferring his patients to other dr.'s and tells House to leave and later he drives by him on his bike- what if he wrecked?  And he got to start over, would he get to Wilson before he starts marrying all his wives and even better be less of an ass?

I definitely can't see him being completely different if given another chance since I believe Stacy had mentioned he'd always been that way even before the drugs, but what if he didn't get hooked this time? Would that make a difference?

Thanks for reading!

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I think it was slash. I read it on Sick!Wilson. House and Wilson are in an accident and Wilson has to cut off house's bad leg. While they recover Wilson thinks House is mad with him because he cut his leg off. House wasn't mad but grateful because now he has no let pain fom the infraction.

Any ideas?
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Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find House fics by My Confident Tomorrow. My friend tells me the stories are very good, but the author is no longer on fanfiction.net.

If they are gone from the internet, does anyone have copies they'd be willing to share?

Thank you all in advance!
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Ok, I'm at work and very bored. I have been obsessing over this fic for days and can't seem to find it. It involved Cuddy, Chase, House and Wilson going to a medical conference and they go over a clift. All are injured but Wilson is more injured than he lets on to be (stomach). House and Wilson end up trying to go for help and I believe House finally is able to climb up the side of the valley they are in and frightens a car of teen girls? It's a beautiful story and I'm so completely bored! Can anyone help me find it?
FOUND!! "Dear God, I don't believe in you."

Thank you in advance! Everyone on this site is always so helpful!
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Well, I know that there are a lot of great sick!wilson and sick!house fics out there. Was wondering though if there are any containing both? (and if not somebody should totally write it) mostly looking for fluffy stuff because their banter makes me smile but any genre as long as both House and Wilson are either sick or hurt will do. Poor adorable bastards.... :)
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I'd love for it to be slash H/W. I've read Evening of the Day by Nakanna Lee and now I'm hooked on the concept.
However, I'm having a difficult time finding more fic like this one. Long fic would be amazing, but I doubt that there are any.

Also another request is a H/W story with a lot of visual detail and them being as in character as possible. If you read any of Nakanna Lee's fics you'd know what I mean. It can be angsty or disturbing,(I don't squick easily, lol) but it has to have a happy or uplifting ending please.

Thanks in Advance ^.^
Also any holmes/watson crossovers. Those are fun.

But plz guys try to focus more on the first request. Hallucination!Amber


Feb. 18th, 2012 05:17 pm
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I'm trying to remember a fic I read not too long ago - in it, House and Wilson got into some kind of fight and I remember Wilson pining House down in House's apartment hallway and hitting him in the jaw or face. The next day I think the nurses are all freaked out because House goes in and actually does his clinic duty and one of the nurses finds him crying or upset.

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Looking for a fic I've read... House has a head injury and memory loss. I think he had a car/motorcycle accident. He doesn't know who he is, but when he walks into a small hospital (somewhere in NY state?) he is mistaken for a new doctor who was due to start that day. He treats patients there for a while, and then the head injury catches up with him and he ends up hospitalized there, with complications (infection/high fever, brain bleed, increased intracranial pressure, scull fracture, or something...). Meanwhile at PPTH, no one knows where House is, and Wilson and Cuddy do what they can to track him down. Finally, after calling around at various hospitals, Wilson discovers where House is a patient and eventually gets him back to Princeton. I think House eventually regains his memory (?) - the story has a happy ending. I believe this one is gen, not House/Wilson, but of course their strong friendship is important to the story.

ETA: Found

(cross-posted to http://hmd-finders.livejournal.com/156980.html)

BAMF house

Oct. 2nd, 2011 10:23 am
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Yep, me again. What can I say, this stuff is addictive. Anyway, I'm looking for any stories involving House being trapped/in an accident/stuck without his cane, and doing something incredible/heroic/impressive like crawling to safety/saving other people/saving anyone. Bonus for other people being shocked by the true level of House's disability, and what he can still do in a crisis. Really, any stories dealing with the true nature of House's disability being revealed to people would be great.
Also, any fics with House bonding with a kid/saving a kid would be great.
Cheers, Tes
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Hi everyone,

I really would depend on a long fic where House is secretly in love with Wilson.

I'm also searching fics which House is very possessive and jealousy in.

Thank you so much in advance!
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lookin for some good H/W fics. Just three things...

1. Was wondering if anyone knew of any fics where wilson or house go blind?

2. Any vampire fics? ( it needs to be treated like a disease tho. like one of the guys has symptoms that sound like they are becoming a vamp.)

3. Any fics with Wilson in the closet and House is the one making the moves on him.
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I've been scouring the internet for a copy of Euclase's "Watermark" since the LJ it was posted to has been purged and deleted. I would really love to read the story, but I can't seem to find a working link to it. The pertinent information is:

Title: Watermark
Author: Euclase
Summary: After an accident leaves him emotionally altered and without a memory, House and those who knew him must rebuild and adjust.

If anyone knows of a working link or has a copy of it saved, I would be forever grateful. Thank you!
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I seem to remember a fic I stumbled upon a few months ago, and can't find again! I found it while doing some creative googling to find a different fic, so I can't find it via google again (don't remember the search I used). It was on FFN. So anyways, House is driving home late one day and some kids decide to steal his motorcycle. And they knock him on the head and he gets amnesia and ends up homeless because he can't get back to Princeton while not knowing who he is and he befriends some other homeless people then he eventually makes his way back to Princeton and he's pretty sick from being out for all this time and Wilson and Cuddy think he's dead so he walks in on his own funeral and then gets better, etc.

Would anyone happen to remember this fic? You'd think with all that I'd be able to find it, but no luck yet.

Thank you for your time!


Mar. 15th, 2011 08:09 pm
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 Hey there.

the req of [livejournal.com profile] frankincensy reminded me that there's a House/Wilson Saw-fic out there somewhere I forgot to save but would love to read again.
No idea what it's called, but the point is that House and Wilson get drugged, and wake up in a room they don't recognize. House is chained to something, Wilson's chained in a cage.
House has to figure out what Wilson has, and he tries things that almost kill him before finding out what it is. House also amputates his own leg, I think.

In the end they both are okay and stick together.

Thanks! :)

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I've always been struck by how the bus accident scene in HH mirrors House's life -- the place is crawling with rescue workers, but the guy with an obvious limp and a gaping hole in his head has to climb out of the wreck by himself then is allowed to just wander off with a concussion. The one emergency worker we see with him just cleans the blood off his hands so he's presentable then points him where he's supposed to be without making sure he's lucid enough to get there.

Are there any stories out there that deal with the missing scene between when House leaves the strip club and when we see him in the ER? Or that deal in any way with the theme I described above?

(Sorry, my mobile won't let me tag this.)
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 Hello, I'm new here!   *waves*

I was wondering if there are any fics in which Wilson doesn't blame House for Amber's death and doesn't get angry at him...and then he gets worried because House is in a coma, and feels guilty because he asked House to do that brain stimulation thing when he knew House could have died. Extra points if they end up together,

Thanks in advance!


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