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Hi, I have had a fic stuck in my head for days and while I was looking; I remembered another I couldn't find.
The first:
Wilson goes to a bar and picks put a guy and takes him back to the condo the guy strangles him during sex and leave him for died. House finds him and the cops investigate.  At first, they think House and Wilson are together and that House may have committed the crime. Nora doesn't help because she still thinks they are a couple and tells that to the police. Thirteen is involved somehow. House also didn't know Wilson liked men.
The second:
Wilson finds out he has a son or adopts a child in trouble. I can't remember why exactly but he is living on House's couch at the time. At one point Wilson can't get the child to help and House yells at them. It leaves Wilson in tears.
It's been a while since I thought about either of these fics but I spent a good 6 hours just looking, please help.
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I was wondering if there are any do over stories out there.  Some how House dies and he does sort of an Ebenezer Scrooge and sees what the world would have been like without him (hopefully worse) and gets a chance do it over.

Or even better in Season three, ep 8 Whac-a-mole, when Wilson is transferring his patients to other dr.'s and tells House to leave and later he drives by him on his bike- what if he wrecked?  And he got to start over, would he get to Wilson before he starts marrying all his wives and even better be less of an ass?

I definitely can't see him being completely different if given another chance since I believe Stacy had mentioned he'd always been that way even before the drugs, but what if he didn't get hooked this time? Would that make a difference?

Thanks for reading!

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I think it was slash. I read it on Sick!Wilson. House and Wilson are in an accident and Wilson has to cut off house's bad leg. While they recover Wilson thinks House is mad with him because he cut his leg off. House wasn't mad but grateful because now he has no let pain fom the infraction.

Any ideas?
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Hi all,

Longtime LJ House/Wilson lurker here. I seem to have lost a few links to some of my favorite fics, and can't remember the right authors.

1) a mildly slash fic, where Wilson convinces House to hand out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween. Wilson ends up letting in two older kids who then hold them at gunpoint and demand their valuables. House refuses to give them Kutner's watch, and Wilson ends up shot.

2) Wilson is caught in a housefire while trying to save a child from it. He survives but injured.

Also, I'm looking for any well-written fics about Kutner's suicide, if anyone can help me there. Thanks!
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Sorry, long-time lurker poking her head out from behind the Tags list...

There's a fic I read once and should've bookmarked; it's driving me crazy! I remember that someone kidnapped Wilson in a parking lot and set his car on fire so that everyone would think he was dead; he escaped somehow, and everyone thought he was homeless, and he hitchhiked back home.

As a side request, I'd like anything that's "friends to the end" between Wilson and House, like they have a special bond. I don't mind if it includes sex, but I usually skip over that part -- no offense, just a bit of a prude -- so it's good if that could be a minimal part of the story.

Thanks! You are all awesome! :-)
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Ok, I'm at work and very bored. I have been obsessing over this fic for days and can't seem to find it. It involved Cuddy, Chase, House and Wilson going to a medical conference and they go over a clift. All are injured but Wilson is more injured than he lets on to be (stomach). House and Wilson end up trying to go for help and I believe House finally is able to climb up the side of the valley they are in and frightens a car of teen girls? It's a beautiful story and I'm so completely bored! Can anyone help me find it?
FOUND!! "Dear God, I don't believe in you."

Thank you in advance! Everyone on this site is always so helpful!
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Well, I know that there are a lot of great sick!wilson and sick!house fics out there. Was wondering though if there are any containing both? (and if not somebody should totally write it) mostly looking for fluffy stuff because their banter makes me smile but any genre as long as both House and Wilson are either sick or hurt will do. Poor adorable bastards.... :)
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I'd love for it to be slash H/W. I've read Evening of the Day by Nakanna Lee and now I'm hooked on the concept.
However, I'm having a difficult time finding more fic like this one. Long fic would be amazing, but I doubt that there are any.

Also another request is a H/W story with a lot of visual detail and them being as in character as possible. If you read any of Nakanna Lee's fics you'd know what I mean. It can be angsty or disturbing,(I don't squick easily, lol) but it has to have a happy or uplifting ending please.

Thanks in Advance ^.^
Also any holmes/watson crossovers. Those are fun.

But plz guys try to focus more on the first request. Hallucination!Amber


Feb. 6th, 2012 08:40 pm
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I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago, it had been post on sick Wilson community,
It's a first time fic, House and Wilson are making out and House noticed scars on Wilson chest and back, we learn that when Wilson was young he went to his grandparents and someone who was working for them beat him or something.
At the end Wilson said that the guy die in prison because of cancer.
I think that the journal had been purged or something so if anyone save it, it would be great it's one of my favorite fic!!
Thank you!!
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 Would someone do a Community/House fic please? I would love you forever if you did Jeff/Anyone. I think Jeff/House or Jeff/Wilson works the best with canon for both shows. Ok, so maybe I like some sort of jealous/dominant!house, but I am willing to compromise for a good crossover.

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Looking for any Top!House fics. Seriously. I like BDSM the most, but I'm willing to read anything within the specified parameters.
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lookin for some good H/W fics. Just three things...

1. Was wondering if anyone knew of any fics where wilson or house go blind?

2. Any vampire fics? ( it needs to be treated like a disease tho. like one of the guys has symptoms that sound like they are becoming a vamp.)

3. Any fics with Wilson in the closet and House is the one making the moves on him.
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 Hello!  I am just getting into this fandom, though I've watched House for years (REALLY just getting into, as in this is literally my first attempt to dive in).  I was wondering if you lovely people could help me out with some suggestions to get me started?  I'm looking for pre-slash, UST, or non-graphic first time to begin with (I'm going to at least try, before immersing myself in smut), and I don't really have any requirements other than them being of high quality, though my tags should give some indication as to what I think I may be interested in.  Just rec me your favorites!  I'm sure I'll enjoy.  Also, I'd appreciate any advice on places/authors I can get my hands on.  Thanks!  

Also, I'm not entirely sure if this sort of general request is allowed, or if I'm doing anything drastically wrong, so feel free to yell at me just let me know =)
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Am I going crazy or was there a fic where House and Wilson are attacked and the attackers assault Wilson with House's cane? It was dark, not comedic.
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I am looking for a fic where the team is told that wilson died in a crash, but turns up later and his car was stolen?

Thank you
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 Hey there, I'm looking for a specific fic, and I think it's safe to say that it's one from [livejournal.com profile] pgrabia 's hand.

Wilson is doing his clinic hours and treats a boy who's been beaten up by his dad because he caught him and his boyfriend making out or something. Wilson is deeply shocked because the boy nearly died (something with his spleen, I think) and is reminded of his own childhood, where he had a crush on his friend Aaron.
They were caught as well, and everything Wilson knows about it is that Aaron and his family moved away.
In reality, Aaron and his family moved away and Aaron was murdered by his father. 
House finds out all of this, and they go to Aaron's sister, I believe.
House and Wilson eventually end up in a relationship, if they weren't already in one.

Does anyone know the name of this fic? I'd like to read it again! :D

Thanks so much.


Mar. 15th, 2011 08:09 pm
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 Hey there.

the req of [livejournal.com profile] frankincensy reminded me that there's a House/Wilson Saw-fic out there somewhere I forgot to save but would love to read again.
No idea what it's called, but the point is that House and Wilson get drugged, and wake up in a room they don't recognize. House is chained to something, Wilson's chained in a cage.
House has to figure out what Wilson has, and he tries things that almost kill him before finding out what it is. House also amputates his own leg, I think.

In the end they both are okay and stick together.

Thanks! :)

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Can anybody please req me any fic where after they get back together Sam start to abuse Wilson (physically, sexually, however). Would be great if House figures it out and is all protective.

Can take place whenever (end of season 6 or beginning of season 7)

Thanks so muchly :)

EDIT: I'll take verbally abusive Sam too. :)

help 0-0

Aug. 26th, 2010 10:09 pm
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im lost on the inter-web so please help T.T
first rec + request

 X.  it was one of the first lemons i read with house/wilson - house was topping and wilson told him to slow down or stop but house didnt. when it was over wilson ran into the bathroom crying(?) and house noticed wilson didnt come and he started freakin out(?) about rape and such. it would greatly appreciated if someone found this its been sticking in my head for months 0.o
it was on fanfiction.net

X. this is plain and simple any bottom!Wilson you can find!
in my opinion it doesn't suit wilson when hes dominant .. its a bit scary and creepy 0.o

X. and one smaller extra request if there is any wilson/foreman fics (as u c my icon ^-^) it helps me get through the huddy
its the only pairing i dont care if wilson tops or not 0.o 

if you can please please please  help me 0.o it would make me sooo happy! ^-^

please and thank you!

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I think i read this on FF.net

Wilson is abducted by the brother of someone he testified (he was the expert doctor witness). He is missing for about a year, and then after he is found its recovery h/w pre-slash sort of stuff.


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