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Hi again,

I'm also looking for fics in which House showing fear (and maybe his introspection during this) is a major part.
I just read the very good "The concept of fear" by milgarion and now I'm jonesing for more.

Thanks in advance once more :-)

Miss Heights


Nov. 2nd, 2014 10:43 pm
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So I'm rewatching all the House episodes and once again I have to admit that I really like Lucas Douglas. He's pretty cool, but I now I would love to see some jealous or disappointed Wilson stories. Doesn't have to be slash, but I would like to read about him doubting himself/ thinking he's not enough for House anymore because of how close House and Lucas get... something like that. And of course House ends up proving who his best friend is in his usual "nice" way ;)
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Hi, all!

Would anyone know of fics in which House and Wilson have some kind of telepathic/empathic bond? It wouldwould also be okay if they were so close that they just naturally "mesh" w/o supernatural help.

Please, no excessive angst... Or at least, have a happy ending? Slash or not slash, doesn't matter as long as it's not PWP :-) .

Please, help a girl out?

I hope I didn't mess up w/ the tags ! Sorry :-[
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There were three fics, written years ago; I don't remember if the same author wrote all three of them, where they were posted, their titles, or who the author(s) was/were.  The central concept is that Earth is so overpopulated that half of the world's population must be culled.  The leaders have built a Machine to do this.  People go into the Machine in pairs: you can challenge someone to go into the Machine with you, or your opponent can be randomly selected.  The Machine somehow calculates which of the two is most worthy to live, and kills the other.  These three stories tell what happens when House, Wilson and Cuddy's turns come to face the Machine.  (If you haven't read these stories don't take the death/suicide tag as a spoiler, I put it there because by definition these stories are about death.)
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I'm in the middle of a week long exam, and could use some HW to read when I allow myself breaks :) 

Anything containing fluff is good.
I really like fics where Wilson leaves his wife for House. Or where they knew each other beforehand. Or where they call each other petnames like 'baby', 'sweetheart' etc. 

Anything good will do really :) 


Feb. 6th, 2012 08:40 pm
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I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago, it had been post on sick Wilson community,
It's a first time fic, House and Wilson are making out and House noticed scars on Wilson chest and back, we learn that when Wilson was young he went to his grandparents and someone who was working for them beat him or something.
At the end Wilson said that the guy die in prison because of cancer.
I think that the journal had been purged or something so if anyone save it, it would be great it's one of my favorite fic!!
Thank you!!
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So I got round to organizing all my Hilson fics, and realised I am seriously lacking in: 

1. Coming out stories - aka. stories where they come out as a couple.
2. Possessive!House or Possessive!Wilson stories. 
3. Mpreg - but I always feel like I'm lacking more of those, but I think I've read all there is to read in that category :(
4. Wedding Fics. 
5. Always looking for more Fluff :)
6. First Time and/or First Meeting fics. 
7. Meeting The Parents fics - meaning them meeting each other's parents as a couple :) 

Anyone who can recommend something? All must be House/Wilson slash of course :D
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1. I'm looking for a specific fic based near the end of season 5 when Cuddy tells House that Wilson was found by the police trying to find his way home after the bachelor party, but it turns out Wilson wasn't looking for his home he was looking for his House.

2. Secondly, I'm looking for any fics that show how really close they are despite all their fighting.



Jun. 7th, 2011 07:10 pm
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this is my first time requesting something

1) I'm looking for a fantasy fiction where house is a dragon of some sort and so are a few people i think??? and so wilson but people dont know he's a white one (their rare or something along those lines) i've been looking for it for ages and its beginning to annoy me

2) Any stories where Wilson is bottom/sub

3) Also any fantasy fiction with these two involved  (i would prefer a slash but friendship works too :D)

Thank You
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Can anybody please req me any fic where after they get back together Sam start to abuse Wilson (physically, sexually, however). Would be great if House figures it out and is all protective.

Can take place whenever (end of season 6 or beginning of season 7)

Thanks so muchly :)

EDIT: I'll take verbally abusive Sam too. :)
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I've read a lot of stories where Wilson saves House, jumping into a fight or pushing House out of the way of harm. I enjoy them but now I really want to read a story where it's House that protects Wilson. We know from the show that House can be pretty fast if his adrenaline kicks in (Babies and Bathwater episode).

It doesn't have to be slash. :)
[identity profile] shadowb3e.livejournal.com

The fic I'm looking for I'm pretty sure had some Hurt Wilson in it, but I can't really remember too much. THere is one part that stands out. House wants something from Cuddy (time off/leave time I think) but Cuddy refuses to do it/give it to him. In retaliation House is all like "remember when I didn't sue you for cutting out the muscle in my leg when you knew I didn't want to do that, should I see a laywer about sueing now?". This makes Cuddy give House what he wants.

I do remember the story had a lot of protective House of Wilson and was House/Wilson slash. It was also fairly long, not just a few pages.

Sorry for the lack of info, but I hope it pokes somebody's memory.

Thanks so much in advance.
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1) Are there any fics where someone breaks into House's house?  Whether House is alone or with Wilson?  Or, I guess, just House getting mugged in general.

2) Also, are there any fics where House's ducklings (new or old) give Wilson attitude?  Like, question his being there/with House or are generally rude to him?  (Cookies if Wilson pulls rank on them and/or House defends Wilson.)
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I wonder, are there any H/W fics where House finds out that Wilson was the victim of a sexual assault in the past or that he's being harrassed? I just read [livejournal.com profile] hwshipper's "Dr Hannibal Lecher" and it made me crave more X)
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hey all! i've been DIEING for some jealous/possessive!house fics-i'm a freak and i live for this kind of plot.

any jealous!house fic you could recommend is good for me, them in a relationship with someone hitting on wilson, them not in a relationship and wilson going out with someone, even angst/rape/sexual harrassment style stuff is good for me, bonus points for house being jealous of another guy.

protective!house is good too!

i appreciate anything anyone can recommend! thanks!

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I'm looking for House/Wilson fics (preferably slash) where either Wilson or House is sexually harassed/abused and one has to come to the other's (emotional, physical, mental) rescue, or something like that.  I've already read the "Broken" series, and "Irreversible" down at The House Fan Fiction Archive.  Any suggestions would be greatly enjoyed and appreciated.  Thanks!  :)
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Another one of those 'have you seen this fic' posts. Actually, it's a 'have you see these fics' post...because I'm looking for two. :p

Alrighty, here's what I can remember. In the first fic, I think House and Wilson are out at a bar...or...somewhere...and when Wilson leaves, House hears some guys making fun of Wilson and his tie. It was a mustard colour tie, and House mentions something about calling Wilson the 'mustard man' that day, but hearing those other guys make fun of him pisses House off, and he beats them up. :) When Wilson has to bail him out of jail (because I'm pretty sure Wilson has to bail him out of jail), he figures out why House beat the guys up, and it was sweet. ^^

In the second one, Wilson had promised his mom that he would go to temple (I think it was during the holidays), and so...he goes to temple. Anyway, on his way back he forgot to take off his yarmulke, and some guy catches sight of him and calls him a kike and pretty much beats the crap out of him. Wilson ends up staggering to House's place, and...that's all I can remember of that one.

Anyway, if you guys could help me out, I'd be very thankful! ^_^


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