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Hello again!I was wondering if you lovely folks could point me to fic where Wilson takes care of House in some way ... just being concerned about him and sweet/protective, and House showing a little openness/vulnerability. Like fic where House is acting open and vulnerable and Wilson is really sweet and makes him feel calmed down and loved? Lol. Also, are there any (good) first person POV fic from House's viewpoint? Especially any comedic ones? I love when writers let House's sense of humor take center stage. Thanks! :D
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Hi, all!

Would anyone know of fics in which House and Wilson have some kind of telepathic/empathic bond? It wouldwould also be okay if they were so close that they just naturally "mesh" w/o supernatural help.

Please, no excessive angst... Or at least, have a happy ending? Slash or not slash, doesn't matter as long as it's not PWP :-) .

Please, help a girl out?

I hope I didn't mess up w/ the tags ! Sorry :-[
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I'm in the middle of a week long exam, and could use some HW to read when I allow myself breaks :) 

Anything containing fluff is good.
I really like fics where Wilson leaves his wife for House. Or where they knew each other beforehand. Or where they call each other petnames like 'baby', 'sweetheart' etc. 

Anything good will do really :) 

Sick House

Mar. 29th, 2012 09:15 am
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I absolutely adore DIY sheep's The Contract over on ff.net, as well as it's myriad of sequels by other wonderful authors. But finding them all and reading them in order is quite difficult. I was wondering if anyone has every made a rec list of all the fics written in the contract verse?
Also, I'm looking for any good AUs where House's health deteriorates(cancer, increased leg pain, chronic illness, etc) and Wilson is his doctor/looks after him/generally does doctorly things?
Slash or gen is great, just no Huddy please : )
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This is an old story, that I know.  I don't think Cuddy was in it but I'm not sure. The (original) team find House in his office drunk and/or stoned, and fuss over him.  They call Wilson who also fusses over him, and takes him home and puts him to bed.  After Wilson leaves House gets up and the reader realizes that House was faking the whole time.  Ring any bells?
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So this latest episode (Nobody's Fault) seems to confirm it: when Wilson's not around, horrible things happen. Are there fics that work with this theme? Maybe he's PPTH's guardian angel or a manipulative mastermind fixing things? Or maybe just a funny fic about someone who's put the two together and refuses to let Wilson leave?

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So I got round to organizing all my Hilson fics, and realised I am seriously lacking in: 

1. Coming out stories - aka. stories where they come out as a couple.
2. Possessive!House or Possessive!Wilson stories. 
3. Mpreg - but I always feel like I'm lacking more of those, but I think I've read all there is to read in that category :(
4. Wedding Fics. 
5. Always looking for more Fluff :)
6. First Time and/or First Meeting fics. 
7. Meeting The Parents fics - meaning them meeting each other's parents as a couple :) 

Anyone who can recommend something? All must be House/Wilson slash of course :D
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1. I'm looking for a specific fic based near the end of season 5 when Cuddy tells House that Wilson was found by the police trying to find his way home after the bachelor party, but it turns out Wilson wasn't looking for his home he was looking for his House.

2. Secondly, I'm looking for any fics that show how really close they are despite all their fighting.

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I remember reding this fic a while ago in which (somehow) Wilson kidnaps House as a child to protect him from his father's abuse. He's convinced that he can do a better job raising House, but as it turns out, that isn't exactly true. House is resentful of him, drops out of high school, abuses substances, etc. In particular, House misses his mother and knows that Wilson is not his father despite what he has been told since early childhood. I think this whole scenario was accomplished through some kind of magic... possibly courtesy of Wilson's clinic patient.

If anyone could find me a link, I'd be very grateful.
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Does anyone know any fics where Wilson finds out that Tritter kicked House's cane out from under him? I know I read one where House and Wilson get married in an attempt to stop Wilson having to testify against House, does anybody know which fic that is?

Also, I'm feeling like a House/Wilson episode marathon and would appreciate reqs for your favourite episodes with lots of House/Wilson love.

Thank you
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This is the weirdest thing that comes to my mind so I'm ot sure if there'll be something about this...

Is there any story about House/Wilson/Chase in which House is being protected by the other two?

I know that many people think that House is strong, but I love watching him being weak and needy
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Are there any good protective!Wilson stories? Maybe somebody messes with House, verbally or physically and gets a face full of Wilson's rage in the process?
It doesn't have to be angsty but of course I won't say no to an angsty story. :)
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Can anyone help?
I'd really like any protective!wilson fics. All lengths but definitely the longer the better. Fics where Wilson puts himself in front of danger for House or where he stands up for House against his team or Cuddy (such as a reaction to the fellows' actions in 'You Don't Want To Know').

House finding out is optional but a bonus and a healthy dose of angst is always good. But really, any fic where Wilson comes off protective. Slash or friendship (but slash preferred of course) and any rating and warnings (even crack if it's there).

Thank you in advance!
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This came right the fuck out of nowhere, but I was bored and watching Kim Possible, and the entire episode revolved around Ron being overprotective of both himself and Kim because he was basing every decision he made off of the 'dangerous' statistics.

Which leads me to my request: Neurotic!Wilson/House or Paranoid!Wilson/House or Overprotective!Wilson/House.


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I'm looking for any fics where Wilson is protective of House, in any shape or form. Also, any fics where Wilson finds out about Daddy House's abuse. And any adoption fics. Lastly, any fics where House's real father is introduced. Sorry, I really need a H/W fix. General, slash, anything goes. Thanks, Tes
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I'm looking for House/Wilson fics (preferably slash) where either Wilson or House is sexually harassed/abused and one has to come to the other's (emotional, physical, mental) rescue, or something like that.  I've already read the "Broken" series, and "Irreversible" down at The House Fan Fiction Archive.  Any suggestions would be greatly enjoyed and appreciated.  Thanks!  :)


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