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I don't know if it's because of Valentines or because I am missing House or because of the high-quality fics posted recently but I'm really in the mood for some good Hilson fics!!

I have just read [livejournal.com profile] vampmissedith's Whine and Dine which is a brilliant fic where Wilson brings House to meet his parents! I enjoy this scenario- are there any others where House & Wilson come out to their parents????

Aside from that I am looking recommendations for any good House and Wilson fics-prefereably "first time" fics where they first get together. They can be angsy, smutty, fluffy -I don't really mind as long as there are no character deaths or anything too dark like that!!



Oct. 3rd, 2012 12:15 pm
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Okay there is nothing in Hilson fic world I love more than some good old fashioned PWP Smut! It's the ultimate escapism for me! First I want to recommend everything by magie_05 (here is a link to her ficlist: http://magie-05.livejournal.com/13615.html ) I have been re-reading some of it and I think she writes some of the best PWP smut out there!

But there is sooooo much good stuff can anyone recommend me their favourite smutty piece or recommend one by a lesser known author that I may not have read???

Thanks xxx
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So I just got done reading "How Not to be Boring" By Fourleggedfish http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4961329/1/ which is 40 chapters of greatness and am now wondering if you can recommend something similar.

I have read many many fanfics on LJ but mainly shorter ones. So I wanted to know if there are any other multi chapter epic ones like that? I like them to be House/Wilson slash (either established relationship or getting together) and I like it be in character (no AU's or crack fics.) Also, I love it if it includes a bit of saucy smut! ;-)

Any recommendations???
Cheers x
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I'm in the middle of a week long exam, and could use some HW to read when I allow myself breaks :) 

Anything containing fluff is good.
I really like fics where Wilson leaves his wife for House. Or where they knew each other beforehand. Or where they call each other petnames like 'baby', 'sweetheart' etc. 

Anything good will do really :) 
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Hi, gang -

I'm looking for some good House/Wilson porn.  No bondage, fetish, kink, mpreg.  Just basic porn, with or without plot.  Not crazy about first time fics unless they're romantic as all get-out.  Thanks!
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 Would someone do a Community/House fic please? I would love you forever if you did Jeff/Anyone. I think Jeff/House or Jeff/Wilson works the best with canon for both shows. Ok, so maybe I like some sort of jealous/dominant!house, but I am willing to compromise for a good crossover.

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Hi there *waves*
Some of you might remember me, unfortuantely I haven't been reading any Hilson stuff for almost a year, so now I have to catch up :)
Maybe you could recommend some great fics written over the last 12 months. I'm open for everything well written, but I'd prefer something happy at the moment. Maybe some nice first-time-fic or a bit of fluff? Kinky stuff would be nice as well :D Dark things are fine for me, as long as there's a happy end.

Thanks in advance!

phone sex?

Dec. 18th, 2010 10:54 pm
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I'm looking for maybe 2 fics...

1. House calls Wilson for phone sex while Wilson is with his wife and Wilson kind of just "talks him through it".
2. Kind of a mutual phone sex exchange, I think one of them was in a hotel.

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Greetings one and all.

Just read Tutelage by [livejournal.com profile] nakeno [livejournal.com profile] recrudescence and I'm looking for any others out there with jailbait!Wilson?
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Hello! I haven't had much luck with H/W fics so far. I'm hoping this will change after I post this...
I am on the search for a few sorts of fics:

1. House and Wilson getting together after Greg moves in with Jimmy. (Season 6)

2. Possessive!House (again, first time fic)

3. Drunken!sex and morning after fics.

4. House seducing Wilson

No bottom!House, please. That makes me .. nauseous.

Thanks in advance.
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I am looking for House/Wilson fics that contain dub con. Things like surprise!morning!firsttime fics and the like.

And the fic needs to be all consensual by the end. No rape!


Sep. 28th, 2009 05:41 pm
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Hi everyone, I'm de-lurking to ask you all for some fic. Does anyone know any H/W slash set around Birthmarks? I've only just seen it for the first time (I live in Oz) and was wondering if anyone had written anything that deals with them making up in a slightly more personal way than we see on our screens *grins*. And because I'm an adult - the higher the rating the better. I will be happy with whatever you can think of, but there is extra cookies for first-time fics (my favourites!)

Thanks in advance.
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I'm looking for any House/Wilson fics that have rimming in them.

There is JUST NOT ENOUGH in this fandom, I'm just hoping to find a couple I haven't read...

Internet cookies to the people who can find me some. ^_^

THANKS in advance. <3
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Am looking for a few fics


1)      Where House wants to cuddle with Wilson

2)      Ticklish!House

3)      Wilson finds House crying, and tries to get House to tell him whats wrong.

4)      Angsty first time fic.




Slash is preferred but friendship is okay



Thank you sooo much!

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Music music music!

Okay, I've been pottering around the Harry Potter fandom all day (pun intended) looking for fics where Snape secretly listens to Harry sing or play music, and I suddenly had the urge to read a fic about House and his piano.

Basically, I'm looking for any fics that involve House playing instruments and/or Wilson listening.

I'd prefer it if House didn't know Wilson was listening, but I'll read anything so I'm not worried too much about that.

Anybody know of any?
BIG thank you to anyone who can help :D

Apologies for completely abusing the tags - I did it, then facepalmed and realised I have no idea how to de-tag things...my bad.
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I'm looking for first time fics. Preferably with bottom!Wilson and an NC-17 rating.  AUs are okay, too much angst is not.
But whatever you have for me that you think is a must read, I will appreciate.


Any recommendations?


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Please Rec some (slightly angsty) fics that feature House and Wilson making out.

Any rating.
No crack fics please!

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Hi everone. First time posting on this lovely comm. Was wondering if you guys could help me, I know that you're all very resourceful ;)

First, I'm looking for a fic that I remember reading but can't for the life of me remember where I read it or what it was called. I think it might have been a one-shot in where House wears a lab coat in the hospital, knowing that Wilson will find it hot. Needless to say, Wilson does find it hot and I think it leads to oral in House's office.

One last favour =] I'm going to be stuck inside my house on this saturday night so will no doubt be bored. I was wondering if you can give me some fic reccommendations.

I would love to read some multi-chapter first-time fics in which House is the reluctant and nervous one, and Wilson takes the lead. It would be nice if there weren't any sex right away either (obv sex is needed though hehe) A good example of what kind of fic I would like to read would be 'Love The One You're With' by Juliabohemian on FF.net here (sorry, I suck at links)  www.fanfiction.net/s/4212330/1/Love_The_One_Youre_With

Any of your other favourite multi-chaptered House/Wilson fics reccs would be lovely too. PS, I prefer bottom!House but any would be good.

Thanks all, if you could help me with any of these it would be much appreciated <3
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Looking for:
ANGSTY/sad/depressed House
with a side of smut OR
strong friendship with Wislon.

Thank you sooo much!


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