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So a friend on Twitter is looking for a Housefic! This is what she remembers --

Been looking for a Hilson fic for months and months. First time fic. Opens with Wilson in his car at PPTH. Finds himself heading up to House's office. House in chair, back to door, Wilson observing him through the glass. House turns around; he's been crying. They go back to House's -- Wilson drives, House has his hand on Wilson's thigh the whole way. Pretty sure it's set after the "We're not friends" speech. Pretty sure I read it on LJ; might have been on Topaz_Eyes' list, but then again, might not.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

(edited to add a detail Twitter friend remembered)

STORY HAS BEEN FOUND. My Twitter friend found it herself while browsing through fics. Here it is -- More, by [ profile] littlemissgg. :D
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Hello, wondering if someone can help me.
There's this one fic where House dies and Wilson gets super depressed and tries to kill himself a few times but House's "ghost" keeps stopping him. Eventually he leaves a note that says "not on my watch" and it makes Wilson content. Does anyone know where to find this one? I can't for the life of me.

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hi everyone. i joined LJ to make this post. im looking for a fic that im not sure exists.. may have been a dream, but its worth a shot. in this fic, supposedly, wilson captures and holds house hostage. in his own home. for 3 days, i think, and then someone(cuddy) tries to get him out? um, something about orange juice as well? i tried searching for it but i dont think its an episode of the show, so its probably a fan fiction then.
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House and Wilson are undergrads, I think.  House has a dorm that is L-shaped.  He gets rid of his roommate by saying the guy is a homophobe.  House smokes a lot of dope.  He and Wilson make out a lot.  That's all I remember.  But it's an older story that I once loved and would love to read again.  TIA.
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A couple of years ago, I read an excellent fic where Wilson was an angel named James and House was a demon.  There was even wing!kink in it.  I thought it was written by [ profile] bery36 but not.  Anyone have any idea what I'm asking about?

ETA:  Found it!  "The Weary And The Blasphemous" by [ profile] msdreya.  She's no longer active on LJ, so I might cut and paste it for my own pleasure.
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Hello, I have a vague memory of a fic where either House or Wilson uses a take-home pregnancy test. He tests his own urine because there's a type of cancer that causes men to produce the same hormone that the pregnancy test detects. I don't remember anything else, which one did it, why, or whether it was positive or negative. Does this sound familiar or did I imagine it?
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it was on here before but the post holding it had the comments deleted, i was wondering if anyone knew if the stories been deleted or has a link to it

I'm looking for a fantasy fiction where house is a dragon of some sort and so are a few people i think??? and so wilson but people dont know he's a white one (their rare or something along those lines) i've been looking for it for ages and its beginning to annoy me

Fic search

Aug. 6th, 2015 09:49 pm
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Argh, I read this only recently but I can't remember for the life of me where.

It's set post-finale, and House and Wilson get married, with House getting the the license(?) application sped up after telling the woman at the counter that Wilson has cancer, and they scrounged up a janitor as one of the witnesses.

Hope someone (with a much better memory than me :'D) can help!
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Some time ago I read a story where House and Wilson are in a PPTH elevator when some bombs go off and they are trapped for a while. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Hi! I recently started reading in the fandom again, and I was looking for one of my favorites.
It's AU and Wilson ain't a Doctor, but comes to the Clinic as a patient. He got infected cuts on his chest, some guys muged him and "Wrote" fag in his chest. Later House Picks him up at the busstop and takes him home. They slowley develop a relationship.
It was a rather well known fic I think, I Hope it is still somewhere on the net.
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I was wondering if there are any do over stories out there.  Some how House dies and he does sort of an Ebenezer Scrooge and sees what the world would have been like without him (hopefully worse) and gets a chance do it over.

Or even better in Season three, ep 8 Whac-a-mole, when Wilson is transferring his patients to other dr.'s and tells House to leave and later he drives by him on his bike- what if he wrecked?  And he got to start over, would he get to Wilson before he starts marrying all his wives and even better be less of an ass?

I definitely can't see him being completely different if given another chance since I believe Stacy had mentioned he'd always been that way even before the drugs, but what if he didn't get hooked this time? Would that make a difference?

Thanks for reading!

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There were three fics, written years ago; I don't remember if the same author wrote all three of them, where they were posted, their titles, or who the author(s) was/were.  The central concept is that Earth is so overpopulated that half of the world's population must be culled.  The leaders have built a Machine to do this.  People go into the Machine in pairs: you can challenge someone to go into the Machine with you, or your opponent can be randomly selected.  The Machine somehow calculates which of the two is most worthy to live, and kills the other.  These three stories tell what happens when House, Wilson and Cuddy's turns come to face the Machine.  (If you haven't read these stories don't take the death/suicide tag as a spoiler, I put it there because by definition these stories are about death.)

kid fic

Apr. 4th, 2014 08:27 pm
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I remember reading a series of fics awhile ago which I can't find again. House and Wilson have a son and from what I remember they also have a cat which ends up getting thrown at House in the bathroom and knocking him over causing the son to get scared and hide. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Fic Help!

Nov. 5th, 2013 09:52 pm
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I'm looking for a fic I read a few weeks ago over at Sick!Wilson. Anyways, it's and au fic of S.1 Kids where Wilson develops meningitis himself and collapse. He wakes up to find out that he is in House's office with a drip in his arm. It's a fairly short one-shot.

Ring any bells? 
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Looking for a fic where either House or Wilson (I forget which but I am leaning towards Wilson) falls down the steps at PPTH and gets very hurt. He phones the other man and to come find him (it might be a weekend or some forgotten staircase somewhere). Ring a bell for anyone? I think the phone may be almost out of charge too.
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I am putting together a rec list of less well known stories that I have really enjoyed.  I thought these were saved to either my memories or to a word doc I keep on file but apparently not. I have over the years switched computers and laptops and somehow they got lost.

Can anyone help me find them again?

1. Wilson's mother had a stroke and he goes to visit her. House shows up. There is a scene that takes place either in the laundry room or nearby as Wilson waits for the laundry to be finished. (this one has been found now!)

2. A 'blind' fic that features a Marvin the Martian tie and a "which cartoon character is it?" guessing game. (this one has been found now!)

3. A story in which nothing much happens other than Wilson unpacks after moving into a new place and House entertains him but doesn't help unpack. It features Wilson unpacking a sailboat if that helps. (this one has been found now!)

Thanks in advance!
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I think it was slash. I read it on Sick!Wilson. House and Wilson are in an accident and Wilson has to cut off house's bad leg. While they recover Wilson thinks House is mad with him because he cut his leg off. House wasn't mad but grateful because now he has no let pain fom the infraction.

Any ideas?
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EDIT: Found!

By request, the author has graciously re-posted her fics, Breaking Through, Deserved Acceptance, and An Issue Of Bioethics to her Dreamwidth journal so they remain publicly available. Thanks, Hannah!

Also, I discovered that these stories are part of a larger, multi-fandom 'verse called Power Generation. There are the 9 House fics and fan art in the corner of that 'verse that was sparked by Hannah's "An Issue of Bioethics."

Links to all 9 fics and fan art behind the cut. )

Hooray! Enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My original fic-finding request is here. )

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I vaguely remember seeing a story, or dreamt it (I have vivid dreams, okay? it's a medical thing), where House had taken Wilson's McGill sweatshirt to Mayfield with him.  At least I think it was Mayfield.  I don't remember if he wore it, I think it was just for the comfort of having something of Wilson's with him.  I don't remember if Wilson knew or not.  Am I imagining things or did this really happen in a story, and if so, can I have a link to it?  Thanks.
ETA   Found!
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Ok, I'm at work and very bored. I have been obsessing over this fic for days and can't seem to find it. It involved Cuddy, Chase, House and Wilson going to a medical conference and they go over a clift. All are injured but Wilson is more injured than he lets on to be (stomach). House and Wilson end up trying to go for help and I believe House finally is able to climb up the side of the valley they are in and frightens a car of teen girls? It's a beautiful story and I'm so completely bored! Can anyone help me find it?
FOUND!! "Dear God, I don't believe in you."

Thank you in advance! Everyone on this site is always so helpful!


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